UWCPC – Requirements

ICF accreditation

ACTP logo, ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

The UWCPC is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), the accrediting body for coaching. ACTP accredited programs are all inclusive training programs, which offer start to finish coach training. Graduates of an ACTP program may apply for an individual ICF Credential including the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and the Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Watch as Magdalena Mook, CEO and Executive Director of the International Coach Federation (ICF), explains why it’s important to choose an ICF-accredited coach training program.

UWCPC requirements for 2021-2022

Professional Life Coaching Certificate, 2014-2015 cohort

Covering almost ten months (August–May), the UWCPC program includes a comprehensive 150 hours of training, which includes 10 hours of Mentor Coaching with a Certified ICF Mentor Coach.

The UWCPC is a cohort program, which means you begin and complete the program with the same group of learners. The UWCPC program concludes with a written exam, an oral coaching exam, and a passion project.

Requirements in detail

  • 125+ hours of direct interaction with Faculty throughout the academic year, including 10 hours of Mentor Coaching
  • 50 hours of field experience (coaching your own clients)
  • 6 hours (minimum) of working with your own ICF-certified Coach (that you hire on your own) over the course of the 10 month program
  • Weekly assignments/readings/homework activities (approximately 10 hours per week)
  • Completion of the Passion Project
  • Final oral exam to demonstrate coaching skills and knowledge of ICF core competencies
  • Final written exam (multiple choice and short essay)

Attendance requirements

To complete the UWCPC and receive your coaching certification, you must attend all Intensives and Skill Development Workshop sessions. With an excused absence, you may miss up to 8 hours.