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UWCPC – The team

UWCPC instructors, mentors and staff

Sharon Barbour

Credentials: MPH, PCC

Position title: UW Certified Professional Coach Program Instructor

Sharon Barbour brings 10 years of coaching experience to her clients, as well as expertise in habit change, mindfulness and leadership development. She delights in facilitating life-changing shifts in perspectives, presence and actions that inspire clients to make fulfilling changes and creations. Her habit change expertise ensures that changes last. Sharon’s warm and creative spirit, coupled with a fluid yet rigorous coaching style, helps her clients to make breakthroughs and move past old roadblocks to positive change. A lifelong learner and observer of human nature, she is inspired by human potential and inner wisdom. She certified at the PCC level through the International Coach Federation and holds a faculty position at Presence-Based Coaching & Leadership Development. Prior to coaching, Sharon earned a master’s degree in public health and worked with nonprofits, cooperatives and educational institutions, primarily in program development, evaluation and management. She loves family time and being outside — kayaking, gardening and simply enjoying life.

Dennis Blasius

Credentials: PCC

Position title: Mentor Coach

Dennis founded Dennis Blasius Consulting LLC with the goal of providing career, executive and leadership coaching services to federal, state and local government employees as well as managers and employees in private industry. He specializes in helping managers and senior executives improve performance, enhance communication, juggle work/life priorities, maximize time management and personal accountability, deal with stress, assist in general career path decision-making and re-examine leadership styles.

Lee N. Coffee, Jr.

Credentials: MA, PCC, MBTI Master Practitioner, CSP

Position title: Guest Lecturer

Lee is a Newfield Network Certified (NCC) & International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He believes that “…everybody brings something to the table!” With over 30 years’ experience in educating, coaching and facilitating experiential leadership development, his work has helped countless leaders reach their fullest potential. He held multiple positions of increasing responsibility during 24 years of Active Federal Service in the U.S. Army. After graduating from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), he became advisor to a two-star general.

Lee coaches to the human soul. His expertise is in facilitating thought-provoking group coaching discussions around social justice, unconscious bias in healthcare, spirituality in healthcare and LGBTQI diversity & inclusion in healthcare. To achieve the best outcome for clients, he co-creates a safe space based on trust, open communication and mutual respect. As an internationally known Chautauqua performer, he combines the creativity of storytelling with the analysis of philosophy, psychology, nursing and leadership best practices to offer a multidisciplinary coaching synthesis. The central focus of the coaching relationship between the client and Lee is the well-being of the client.

Samantha Dye

Credentials: MA, PCC, ACTC

Position title: UW Certified Professional Coach Program Lead Instructor

Samantha Dye is an organizational development and leadership coach. As owner of The Dynamic Space Consulting, Samantha combines a coaching approach with organizational development methods to simultaneously support the uniqueness of individuals, the cohesiveness of teams and the health of organizations.

Samantha began her career in South Africa, working for six years with a grassroots movement focused on developing leaders. After completing a stint of international development work in Afghanistan, Samantha attained her MA in organizational management & development and a certificate in evidence-based coaching from Fielding Graduate University. Samantha began her business in 2013 in Juneau, Alaska. Samantha is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and is also one of 11 international partner coaches that comprise the Center for Non-Profit Coaching (CNPC), a supporter of nonprofit professionals throughout the world.

Samantha is skilled in coaching for leadership and transformation, developing cohesive teams, facilitating small groups to large community stakeholders, increasing personal and interpersonal awareness, and creating space for individuals and groups to become more effective within their environments. Samantha resides, works, plays and recreates in West Alexander, Pennsylvania, on her childhood farm with her husband and daughter. Samantha loves the opportunities that life on the farm bring to her development as a human and to her work in the world.

Jagruti Gala

Credentials: PCC

Position title: Mentor Coach

Jagruti considers herself an agent of transformation who constantly pushes the edge in herself and others in order to create a world of greater fulfillment, compassion and joy! She takes pride in wearing several hats including leadership coaching, facilitation and running a nonprofit organization for child and youth leadership as well as a semi-rural school —nourishing the thread of “learning is liberation” that weaves its way through all of them.

Michelle Galarowicz

Position title: Certified Professional Coach Program Specialist

Michelle works as the program specialist for the UW–Madison Certified Professional Coach Program. She became a program coordinator for the Division of Continuing Studies in the summer of 2019. Prior to joining the division, she worked for the Madison Metropolitan School District in both teaching and administrative roles. Professionally she enjoys curriculum development and content management and is committed to advocating for learners and their experience in both traditional classrooms and virtual learning environments. She believes the strength of any educational experience lies in differentiated teaching strategies which meet the needs of diverse learners, as well as an organized, student-focused system that is inclusive of all students and their unique talents.

Michelle resides in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, where outside of work she loves spending time with her husband and children, reading, gardening, horseback riding and swimming. She is happiest when it is hot outside and she can spend hours at a pool or beach in the sun. Additionally, she loves baking and is always up for exploring new recipes that lead to any sort of sweet treat.

Chariti Gent

Credentials: MA, MCC, CPCC

Position title: Director of Professional Coach Education

Chariti Gent is a veteran of the coaching world, having started her journey by hiring her first professional coach in 2004. Since then, Chariti has held positions as an internal corporate coach and trainer for a major international franchise, president and founder of Chariti Gent Coaching and Consulting, and director and lead instructor for the UW–Madison Certified Professional Coach program. Chariti received her formal International Coach Federation (ICF) training and certification through the Co-Active Training Institute (formerly CTI) in 2010. Chariti became a certified ICF PCC Assessor in 2018 and earned the designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) in 2020. Having coached hundreds and hundreds of individuals throughout the last decade and a half, Chariti brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to her role. Her students routinely rate her as a top-notch instructor, full of energy, enthusiasm and a true zest for learning. Chariti is recognized as being a leader in the coach training industry, and she is a Global Coaching Education Ambassador for the ICF’s North American, Latin American, and Caribbean region.

Paul Gilbride

Credentials: PCC

Position title: Mentor Coach

Paul is a “recovering CPA” with 16 years of corporate experience and seven years of coaching. In addition to his PCC designation, Paul is certified as a Dare to Lead™ facilitator based on the work of Brené Brown, and is certified in the EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment. He works exclusively with people and teams in corporate America and other large organizations on topics like leadership, work/life integration and general corporate navigation. He has had the honor of partnering with many companies including KPMG, Deloitte, Department of Defense, Lionsgate, Bloomberg Corp., Talking – Talent, Elanco, and PhRMA. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and considers his role as a member of the University of Wisconsin Certified Professional Coach Program as one of his highest honors.

Paul is passionate about making corporate and all organizations better. He strives to make people’s lives more fulfilling, rewarding, passionate and purposeful, one organization, team or individual at a time. He believes in connection, heart and emotional intelligence. He believes we do better when we lead with compassion not fear, growth not scarcity, integration not division, and heart not hurt. Above all else, he believes in courage. Courage to stand tall in our values, courage to listen with purpose, courage to speak truth, courage to have tough conversations and courage to put people—all people—first.

Laura Gleisner

Credentials: MS, PCC

Position title: UW Certified Professional Coach Program Instructor

Laura Gleisner, BSE, MS, ACC, is a professional leadership coach, communication specialist and sole proprietor of Laura Gleisner Coaching + Consulting, LLC, and has over 20 years of experience as an educator, consultant, coach and trainer. A quote attributed to Tony Robbins, “The quality of our lives is equal to the quality of our relationships,” has created the foundation for her coaching with leaders and teams. She believes that in order for leaders to create satisfying professional relationships, healthy work environments (i.e. life-giving rather than life-draining) and maximize their impact, leaders today need to be experts in the fine art of communication. As a leadership coach and communication specialist, Laura practices and trains leaders and teams to communicate in a way that builds trust, creates healthy work environments and supports efficiency, productivity and goal achievement.

Laura is a self-described “recovering perfectionist” and has struggled with social anxiety her entire life. A gift of these challenges is that she geeks out on personal development, leadership and communication books, videos and trainings. These experiences, in addition to her work in coaching and communication, have solidified her belief that coaching conversations can change your life.

Toral Livingston-Jha

Credentials: PCC

Position title: Mentor Coach

Toral is passionate about working with individuals and teams deeply committed to making positive change and creating impact in their world. For over 20 years, she has provided organizational development, team management and client relations within organizations focused on advancing environmental, social and educational causes.  As a mother, woman of color and second-generation American (Gujarat, India), she knows what it’s like to navigate uncertainty, welcome varying perspectives and honor individual identity. 

Since 2006, Toral has cultivated a mindfulness practice and has delivered training on techniques designed to strengthen attention, compassion and self-awareness. She continues to invest in her growth as a teacher, including training as an MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher over the last several years. She is also dedicated to creating supportive spaces and access to these practices for communities of color. In 2016, Toral formed TLJ Coaching and Consulting, LLC to holistically provide leadership and life coaching as well as training services to leaders, entrepreneurs and those in career/life transition dedicated to transformational growth. She approaches her work with a spirit of service and compassion; supporting clients to connect with their strengths, values and possibilities — challenging old ways of thinking and inspiring new awareness and action. 

TC Motzkus

Credentials: MCC

Position title: Mentor Coach

TC is described as a collaborative, fierce, and courageous coach. She loves this description because it accurately reflects her approach. She provides support and direct feedback to help clients effectively lean into personal and professional life challenges to create their preferred future. Mastering both the art and science of coaching, TC integrates coaching techniques and helpful ‘assignments’ to offer a highly personalized program tailored to you. With compassion and understanding, you coach around whatever topic you bring to each session, building on your strengths, shifting your behavior toward your preferred future.

TC serves a broad spectrum of clients as a private practitioner, coaching and mentoring individuals, groups and teams. Some fun facts to share as you get to know each other: TC is an avid sea kayaker and enjoys the caves of Lake Superior when the water is not frozen; when it is, she will be skiing or making snow angels. She collects heart-shaped rocks, sea glass, sassy cocktail napkins and burr oak leaves. She would be honored to get to know you and co-create your future.

Fabiola Solis Plaza

Credentials: PCC

Position title: Mentor Coach

Fabiola has 12 years of experience as a professional coach and holds credentials as an international Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She initially trained in ontological coaching at Newfield Network before completing speciality training in leadership coaching by Awareness to Action International™. She is a coaching supervisor and candidate for the diploma in supervision by Coaching Development, London, and a mentor coach certified by GCG and ICF. From 2013–2017, Fabiola  took on volunteer leadership roles in Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean within the International Coach Federation. Educated in the visual and graphic arts, she specializes in learning and coach training and advises coach training schools in the professional standards of the International Coach Federation.

Nancy Turngren

Credentials: BSN, MA, BCC, PCC

Position title: Mentor Coach

Nancy Turngren is a professional coach passionate about her mission of helping individuals and organizations flourish through the power of awareness and conscious choice. She believes our work and personal lives have become so driven by outside forces that it requires us to consciously pause and be mindful of our priorities. As a coach, she finds it rewarding to provide the space for individuals and organizations to work through this process and witness the growth that is achieved.

Nancy believes in lifelong learning and has a master’s in organizational management and development with a graduate certificate in evidence-based coaching. She is certified by the International Coach Federation and is a Board Certified Coach. She works with leaders through a humanistic approach by helping them uncover their true needs and discover ways to utilize their strengths to grow. She understands the complexity of business relationships and how this can impact the performance of an executive. The partnership she develops with clients leads to lasting changes and successful outcomes in professional and personal growth. ntcoaching.com