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Online professional development, an annual conference, and custom programs for distance-learning professionals.

Welcome, Colleagues!

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From all of us on the Distance Teaching & Learning (DT&L) team at the University of Madison–Wisconsin, welcome!

Whether you are looking for just-in-time ways to strengthen your individual skills, custom training for your entire staff, or something in between—if it has to do with teaching, designing, and administrating online and technology-enhanced programs, we’ve got you covered

We would love to hear your story and what you want to accomplish. E-mail us at dtl@dcs.wisc.edu, and we’ll help you to Learn Like a Badger!

Thank you,

Wendy Fritz, Director

Fast, Flexible & Focused

We make your professional learning fast, flexible, and focused.


Take 6 to 10 hours to complete individual courses in as little as three weeks.

Attend our annual conference and strengthen your skills over three days every summer.

Work with our expert designers and instructors to customize programming for your college, university, school, company or military organization.


Select courses that fit your busy schedule, and enjoy direct access to expert instructors.

Stack courses to earn badges and professional certificates, backed by the reputation of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Sign up for an entire certificate, or work one course at a time. Get online and technology-enhanced skills that you can use right now!

Earn Your Distance-Education Credential!

Here’s how it works

Course = micro-learning modules x3

Time commitment: Up to 6 hours, usually over the course of 3 weeks.* Course completion earns you 0.6 continuing education units (CEUs).

Badge = Courses  ) x3

Time commitment: 18 to 20 hours over the course of 9 weeks.* Badges earn you 2.0 continuing education units (CEUs).

Certificate of Achievement = Badges  ) x3

Time commitment: approximately 60 hours.* Certificates of Achievement earn you 6.0 continuing education units (CEUs), the equivalent of one 3-credit college course.

Professional Certificate = Certificates of Achievement  ) x6

Time commitment: approximately 120 hours.* Professional Certificates earn you 12.0 continuing education units (CEUs), the equivalent of two 3-credit college courses.

DT&L offers a variety of courses that are focused on single skills, each requiring about 6 hours of total effort. We also offer 3-course badges, as well as 3-badge and 6-badge certificates that strengthen your skills in broader knowledge and practice areas.

1 course (6-7 hours, 0.6 CEUs)

3 courses = 1 badge (18-20 hours, 2.0 CEUs)

3 badges = 1 certificate of achievement (60 hours, 6.0 CEUs)

6 badges = 1 professional certificate (120 hours, 12.0 CEUs)

Each program offering provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in addition to the opportunity to earn course, badge, or certificate credentials that support you in showing off your personalized skills and tracking your lifelong learning.

Strengthen Your Skills in…

  • Systems, Ethical, and Legal Knowledge
  • Personal Qualities and Characteristics of Expert Practitioners
  • Technology Knowledge and Abilities
  • Instructional Design
  • Pedagogy and Adult Learning Theory
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Social Presence
  • and more!

Learn with Us about…

  • Fundamentals of Online Education
  • Online Instruction
  • Designing Online Courses
  • Instructional Design for Online Learning
  • Distance-Education Administration

*Expected time commitment: See each option for time commitment estimates. This is for engaging and demonstrating your skills. Expect to spend additional time reading and taking in information.

What’s a Badge, and why do I want one?

Sample badge for DT&L programsBadges are micro-credentials that clearly explain what skills you have demonstrated to earn them—specifically, what employers can expect you to be able to do.

The best part? No need to call the registrar for verified transcripts. Once earned and claimed, you own the verified data behind the credential and control who has access to it. The badge information is available 24/7 to anyone with whom you choose to share it.

There are lots of badges out there. Earn your badges from a name you trust and your colleagues will recognize: the University of Wisconsin–Madison!

Connect with us.

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Your DT&L Team

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