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Strategy & External Relations

Who We Are

Our team is dedicated to Continuing Studies’ development, business engagement and growth strategies. We nurture public and private partnerships and philanthropic efforts in support of UW–Madison’s lifelong learners, using data and strategic decision-making to expand the reach of our marketing and communications efforts.


Donna Gastevich, Associate Dean

What We Do

Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Use data, creativity and strategic thinking to generate interest in Continuing Studies classes, programs and conferences
  • Work with division partners to develop, create and distribute printed materials, media ads, digital communications, social media and news releases for maximum effectiveness and reach

Growth Strategies

  • Support the division’s strategic priorities through rigorous research, analysis and planning
  • Use research methodologies to deliver insights backed by data that help division and campus partners better understand the higher education market

Development & Business Engagement

  • Develop partnerships with businesses and organizations to meet the lifelong learning needs of employees and employers
  • Engage foundation, corporate, and individual donors to philanthropically support returning adult students, precollege students and other areas of greatest need

Our team

Lisa Bauer

Position title: Communications & Content Manager

Nadia Bidwell

Position title: Traffic Manager

Victoria Cochems

Position title: Marketing Operations Manager

Maya Evans

Position title: Director of Growth Strategies

Beth Farmer

Position title: Marketing Account Manager

Kelly Fellerman

Position title: Special Projects Coordinator

Donna Gastevich

Position title: Associate Dean

Katie Hoel

Position title: Marketing Account Manager

Whitney Jacobson

Position title: Marketing Account Manager

Colleen Johnson

Position title: Director of Development and Business Engagement

Betsy Lambright

Position title: Digital Designer

Buri Lor

Position title: Graphic Designer

Sarah Perkins

Position title: Marketing Automation Manager

Jenny Pressman

Position title: Director of Development & Community Partnerships

Angela Rockwell

Position title: Interim Director

Noah Rodammer

Position title: Market Research Analyst

Jeanne Rodriguez

Position title: Marketing Account Manager

Stanley Sallay

Position title: Graphic Designer

Jill Schaefer

Position title: Marketing Specialist

Debra Schwabe

Position title: Web Manager

Laura Thomas

Position title: Assistant Director of Business Engagement

Tania Widish

Position title: Marketing Account Manager