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Bridging workforce gaps with continuing education

Many industries includes “hot jobs” with projected growth offering competitive salaries and plentiful openings. Learn from UW–Madison Continuing Studies staff about how lifelong learning can help you advance in or enter one of these fields.

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Julie Dahl is a white woman with long dark blonde hair. She is wearing a red shirt and black suit jacket and appears against a white background. Next to her are the words "Adjectivos, adjectives agreement and placement." The UW–Madison Continuing Studies logo appears on the bottom left corner.

Dr. Julie Dahl pioneers award-winning language instruction for adult learners

Dahl describes what makes her award-winning Spanish courses effective for adult learners. Two of her students share their language learning experience and the impact it’s made.

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Group of Odyssey staff with Jenn

Award-winning Odyssey Project development director shares ‘love of humanity’ despite harrowing family history

Read about Jenny Pressman’s award-winning work for the UW Odyssey Project as well as her life story that shapes who she is and what she does for her community.

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Start the year by cleaning up your digital footprint

Learn some tips from our experts on how to assess and revive your online presence for professional purposes.

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Quiz yourself on lifelong learning

It’s the season for reflecting on our accomplishments, setting new goals and celebrating how we’ve grown over the last year. Challenge your memory and review the lifelong learning topics we explored this year with our …

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Support for college students facing basic needs insecurity

Learn about realities and resources for college students facing basic needs insecurity, and how colleges and universities can offer help.

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Higher education possible for undocumented students

Attending college in the U.S. as an adult student who is undocumented or a DACA recipient is complicated but not impossible. Here are some things to consider.

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Finding your groove in college as an adult student

Returning to school as an adult student can be challenging. An educational counselor shares tips to help you through the process.

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What adult learners should consider about online degrees

Online programs are expanding access for groups who’ve been left out of university spaces. See what adult learners should consider about online degrees.

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Unraveling the power of professional coaching

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Certified Professional Coaching Program (UWCPC) helps learners uncover the power of professional coaching in a variety of settings and careers.

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Mother holding her son and standing next to Bucky with a big smile on her face

Odyssey Project receives $1 million match from Pleasant Rowland Foundation

The gift to the Odyssey Future Fund will support the UW Odyssey Project’s long-term sustainability and student success for years to come.

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Jillian Stacey standing behind her two children, all smiling

Celebrating and supporting student parents in higher ed

September is National Student Parent Month. Read about how higher education institutions can support student parents, and let’s celebrate these students’ success!

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