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Ethics, Boundaries, and the New Genetics

New discoveries in genetics have suddenly presented us with a startling question: how much should we know about creating human beings, and how far should we go in changing them? The future of genetic manipulation is here. We'll discuss the ethical issues and their potentially profound consequences.
Upcoming Dates
  • Oct. 24, 2022
    Interactive online

Managing Ethics and Boundaries with a Clinical Lens

The management of professional ethics and boundaries can be challenging in clinical work especially as we have become more dependent on the use of technology. This course will address the unique issues encountered during the provision of clinical services and will discuss best practice approaches to these challenges.
Upcoming Dates
  • Oct. 31, 2022–Nov. 18, 2022
    4 Credit/2 Weeks: $140; 6 Credit/3 Weeks: $210

Ethics, Boundaries, and the Internet

The electronic medical record is exposing clinicians to greater privacy and boundary challenges. We tackle some of the ethical issues of working with electronic records and discuss boundary issues involved with internet searches of clients, e-mail and texting as therapy, and telemedicine services.
Upcoming Dates
  • Nov. 14, 2022
    Interactive online

Advanced Ethics and Boundaries

The management of ethics, boundaries and confidentiality is especially critical for human service professionals. This workshop will address the unique issues encountered during the provision of social services and therapy. The emergence of technology and its complications will be addressed to highlight the changing trends in ethical practice in the 21st century.
Upcoming Dates
  • Jan. 19, 2023
    Live online

Wellness: An Ethical Responsibility for Mental Health Care Providers

This class meets Wisconsin’s requirements for ethics and professional boundaries for continuing education for helping professionals. Even prior to the COVID pandemic, healthcare providers faced an inordinate amount of stress as evidenced by the alarming prevalence of burnout symptoms for both trainees and practicing providers. This stress is amplified for providers who are part of groups that have been underrepresented and discriminated against in medicine. Affecting both personal and professional domains, burnout may be associated with a decrease in professionalism, a greater number of mistakes, substance use and mood disorders. In this workshop, we will review empirical research on burnout and wellness with an emphasis on practical applications of this work. Two case studies of service implementation for wellness support in large academic health systems will be discussed. Participants will also engage in hands-on learning activities identifying how provider burnout impacts them individually and how burnout impacts and is impacted by the systems in which they work. Participants will have opportunities to identify their burnout symptoms and to set goals to enhance their wellbeing and improve their day-to-day delivery of mental health care services. Opportunities to discuss systems-level interventions with colleagues will be provided as well as opportunities to try out a variety of wellness interventions such as mindfulness and gentle yoga. Options to participate in wellness activities, including gentle yoga and mindfulness exercises, will be provided. Cameras do not have to be on during these activities and participants may choose self-guided wellness activities.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.