A flag on Bascom Hall reads: "W - All Ways forward."

Noncredit Programming

Who We Are

We love lifelong learners. People who are passionate seekers — who gain new skills to help them advance at work and who search for fresh experiences in their personal lives, too. Join us for classes, workshops and certificates in leadership and management, behavioral health, languages and online teaching. Take a course. Learn something new. Change your life.


Jeff Snell, Interim Director

Why should you take Continuing Studies classes?

You will:

  • Find community with other learners
  • Gain skills that matter to you, in both your work life and your personal life
  • Enjoy flexible learning options, including in-person, online and hybrid classes

Our team

Masha Bubela

Position title: Program Coordinator

Julie Dahl

Position title: Faculty Associate

Kristin DePrey

Position title: Flex Program Administrator

Wendy Fritz

Position title: Director

Michelle Galarowicz

Position title: Program Coordinator

Chariti Gent

Position title: Program Director, UW Certified Professional Coach Certificate Program

Ann Geocaris

Position title: Program Coordinator Supervisor

Sage Goellner

Position title: Associate professor of French and continuing education; chair, Liberal Arts and Applied Studies

Jamie Henke

Position title: Distinguished Faculty Associate

Jenee Jerome

Position title: Program Coordinator

Griffin Johnson

Position title: Assistant Program Director

Laura Kahl

Position title: Program Coordinator

Ashley Kuehl

Position title: Program Coordinator

Christopher Moore

Position title: Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Nagel

Position title: Program Coordinator Supervisor

Kristi Obmascher

Position title: Behavioral Health Area Manager

Laura V. Page

Position title: Program Director

Erin Paul-Schuetter

Position title: Instructor

Andy Richardson

Position title: Department Administrator

Jeff Snell

Position title: Advisor to the Dean

Roberta Wang

Position title: Senior Administrative Program Specialist