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Academic Affairs & Programming

Who We Are

Our team helps academic departments explore options for serving nontraditional audiences. We are available to assist faculty and staff in the creation of accessible, high-quality post-baccalaureate degrees and certificates, to develop new approaches to delivery methods, and to help set the university on the path to greater investment in the teaching mission.


Marty Gustafson, Associate Dean

What We Do

  • Academic planning
  • Project management
  • Financial and budget planning
  • Market research and analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Recruitment
  • Adult and Special Student services
  • Online course development
  • Assessment and evaluation planning

Our team

Carrie Backman

Position title: Summer Music Clinic Academic Program Advisor

Taryn Conaway

Position title: Project Program Manager

Alexandra Conrad

Position title: Associate Administrative Program Specialist

Tim Dalby

Position title: Project Program Manager

Katie Effertz

Position title: Associate Director of Operations and Residential Programs

Marty Gustafson

Position title: Associate Dean Professional Programs

Keri Johnson

Position title: Assistant Dean

Denise Ksioszk

Position title: Manger of Diversity and Outreach and Commuter Programs

Monique Lu

Position title: Program Coordinator

Aphra Mednick

Position title: Associate Dean

Ian Muehlenhaus

Position title: Faculty Associate

Alissa Oleck

Position title: Project Manager

Sarah Sobek Ozburn

Position title: Project & Data Manager

Christopher Pevey Harry

Position title: Assistant Dean

Olha Skyba

Position title: Associate Director of Academics and Development

Tracy Spraetz

Position title: Program Coordinator

William Tishler

Position title: Media Specialist

Steven Wright

Position title: Events Coordinator