Mid-Level Management Certificate (MLMC)

This multi-program certificate will equip mid-level functional and technical managers with deeper knowledge and effective tools to lead within their immediate area of responsibility and impact the success of their wider organization. The certificate consists of seven core required programs. Total class days for the certificate award is 11 or 11.5 depending on allowed choice of core class.

Ready to Get Started?

Let us know that you intend to complete the certificate by registering online or by phone at 608-262-2451.

You may register for classes individually by visiting any of the class pages, or register and pay for all available classes at the same time. Please note that any required classes that are currently unavailable will not appear in the list.


The purpose of the certificate is to give new, existing and potential managers deeper knowledge and effective skills to lead themselves and others, and to increase the positive impact they have on their organizations. The certificate emphasizes understanding human performance at work, applying best-practice tools for increasing productivity, and strategically managing relationships both up and down organizational structures in today’s fast-paced and diverse environments.

Seven courses are required

Below are the current open for registration.

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Managing Your Brain for Managers

At a glance


The Mid-Level Management Certificate consists of seven required classes, which must be completed within a three year period.


Most classes are one or two days in length and run from 9 a.m.–3:45 p.m. central time.


Currently all classes are interactive, live online.


The total cost for the certificate – seven required classes – is currently approximately $2,800–$3,500 depending on the profit/nonprofit status of the learner’s organization paying for the fees. Many of the classes in the certificate have standard prices and gov’t/nonprofit prices that are somewhat lower. Consult the individual class listings for exact prices.

Continuing education credits

CEUs for the total certificate are approximately 5.5, representing 55 instructional hours.


Brittany Browning at bbrowning2@wisc.edu.


Professionals take on management responsibilities sometimes gradually and sometimes suddenly through promotion, job change, or even entrepreneurial initiatives. Management is a complex undertaking and best practices are evolving. Common sense and intuition are not enough to ensure that effective strategies are employed, and occasionally managers need to unlearn what they believe about what works.

Individuals who complete the certificate benefit from multiple learning objectives in each of the classes, and also from the expertise of instructors with real-world experience. Additionally, certificate completion demonstrates commitment to learning and knowledge of real-world management tools. The wide range of class participants helps build professional networks and stimulates new thinking.

Organizations directly benefit from the increase in their managers’ operational effectiveness and the resulting increase in staff engagement. Every employee deserves to work for a good manager. In addition, good managers become powerful models who help others learn. Research reveals that middle managers are generally more diverse than senior managers, and therefore are often the source of innovative strategic input. Because they are closer to operations, customers, and frontline employees, they can also better see what problems need to be solved and implement productivity improvements. Investing in middle managers can have very significant organization-wide returns.

Who Should Enroll

The MLMC is designed to expand the knowledge and skills of any manager with supervisory responsibilities who also reports up to another level within the organization’s structure. Both functional and technical managers who are new, who are experienced, or who aspire to a management position within any type of professional organization will benefit.

Summary of Requirements

The certificate requires completing a series of seven core required classes. One of the required classes, Management Assessment, requires pre-class completion of four self-assessment instruments that typically take about one hour to complete.

Currently, all the classes are offered in live-online interactive format. Some face-to-face offerings may resume when in-person is safe, post-pandemic. Classes must be completed within three years from the start of the first class in order to earn the certificate. Attendees are a mix of registrants working on the certificate and those choosing the specific subject area for professional or personal development.

Registrants earn official Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for each class; 0.1 credit for each class hour. The CEUs for the certificate is approximately 7, which is 70 Continuing Education Hours.

Additional Details

The certificate is open to anyone who has interest in the subject areas. There are no formal requirements or eligibility limits for the certificate other than proficiency in English. In general, learners are supported by their organizations to engage in the series, so if language proficiency is not strong, your organization may be able to assist.

Individuals who have already completed one or more of the required classes needed for the certificate but were not registered as working on the MLMC at the time may request credit toward the certificate. Individuals must initiate the request. Only classes that were completed up to two years prior to the request will be counted. Contact the Program Manager Amy Domaszek to discuss.

The certificate’s classes are not transferable to for-credit courses at UW–Madison or other UW for-credit programs.

Credit for attendance at similar classes offered by institutions outside of the Division of Continuing Studies are not transferable to the MLMC. Any request for exceptions to this policy must be made directly to the Program Manager Amy Domaszek.

Because certificate classes are only one or two days (with some divided into half-days), missed days must be made up. Classes within the certificate are offered once or twice annually, so makeup dates can be reasonably scheduled.

Completion/Award Requests

Once learners have completed what they believe are all the requirements, they should notify the MLMC program director and send in their completed tracking form. University records will be reviewed. After verification, official records will indicate successful completion and a certificate will be sent to the recipient. If at all possible, a celebratory acknowledgement will be arranged during the learner’s final class.

Estimated Costs

Each class is priced individually. Payment is generally made at the time of registration, class by class. Class prices are subject to change without notice other than in official class listings and promotions.

The total cost for certificate completion is currently approximately $2,800–$3,500 depending on the profit/nonprofit status of the learner’s organization paying for the fees. Many of the classes in the certificate have standard prices and govt./nonprofit prices that are somewhat lower. Consult the individual class listings for exact prices.

Generally cancellation of a registration without sending a substitute learner carries a $25 administrative fee. Cancellation less than three business days before the start of the class or non-attendance requires full payment. See individual class listings for exact cancellation fees. There is no additional “graduation” or “final” fee added when the certificate is completed.

What Our Attendees Are Saying

 All the classes were very helpful and interesting. I enjoyed them all! 

Amy Olson, Administration Team Lead, Aprilaire

 I found the classes very useful and have been implementing the skills I learned. 

Brian Knapp, Public Works Supervisor, City of Waukesha.

This certificate series helped me learn how to manage and communicate with my team, especially in virtual/hybrid environments. It also helped me learn different leading styles (coaching, mentoring and managing) and how to plan and implement difficult conversations successfully. It also helped me recognize areas of strength and areas of improvement, so I can be more self-aware and mindful.

Sarah Bloom, Assurance Operations Manager, Wegner CPAs
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