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Languages Complete Curriculum

Please note: This is a comprehensive list of all languages classes Continuing Studies offers. Not all classes are offered every semester.


Business Spanish Certificate Program
In as little as six months, greatly improve your professional proficiency in Spanish and gain the cultural knowledge you need to conduct business in Spain and Latin America.

Spanish 0
This course will prepare you for a Spanish 1 course using a slower pace with extensive explanation and reinforcement.

Spanish 1
Jump start your fluency by focusing on high-frequency vocabulary and the basic building blocks of the Spanish language.

Spanish 2
This course continues laying out the basic structures of the Spanish language with more irregular verbs, pronoun placement, reflexives, and an introduction to talking about the past.

Spanish 3
This course gives extensive treatment of the diverse ways to discuss the past, command forms and common difficulties for non-native speakers.

Spanish 4
This course focuses on complex verb tenses and structures, including the present and past subjunctive, the future, and the conditional, as well as skills in conversation, reading, and writing.

Spanish 5
Learn the differences between the present subjunctive and indicative in this highly practical high intermediate course.

Spanish 6
Refine your command of advanced grammar topics, such as past uses of the subjunctive tenses and conditional phrases in this highly practical low-advanced class.

Spanish Writing: Brush up the Past Tenses
Take your command of Spanish to the next level with this practical course. Brush up on those tricky past tenses, object pronouns, and the subjunctive while learning to compose a well-written narrative.

Spanish Writing: Brush up the Basics
This practical course has something for everyone. Brush up your Spanish writing by eliminating common errors and growing your command of basic language skills.

Spanish Intermediate Reading Group
In this intermediate-level reading group participants will read, analyze and discuss a Spanish literary work.

Spanish for Reading and Translation: Basic
Develop the skills you need to read and accurately translate Spanish texts to English. Using texts from various disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, you learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language and Spanish-to-English translation.

Spanish for Reading and Translation: Comprehensive
Benefit from all of the materials in our basic course with additional interactive exercises, 60 percent more instructor-graded translations, more advanced readings, and a final capstone project tailored to your academic or professional field.

Spanish Advanced Conversation
This advanced class is offered multiple times a year with different topics.


French 1
Learn the basics: numbers, the alphabet, and how to introduce yourself and carry on simple conversations.

French 2
This continuation of Beginning 1 builds on your abilities to have everyday exchanges about yourself, travel, hobbies, and routine situations.

French 3
Practice and refine your spoken French in the convivial atmosphere of La Maison Française. You continue improving your skills in a set of guided lessons followed by a buffet dinner (included in the price).

French 4
Polish your skills as you discuss the culture and history of France and the Francophone world. Refine your knowledge of tense, lexicon, and register while improving your reading and listening abilities.

French for Reading Knowledge
This course is open to all students who want to study French for reading knowledge and translation.

French for Reading and Translation
We cover essential grammar and vocabulary that are especially useful for students preparing for the French graduate-level reading knowledge exam.


German 1
Master the basics: numbers, the alphabet, introducing yourself, and having simple conversations.

German 2
Continue to learn words, phrases, and the history and traditions of German-speaking people as you immerse yourself in a fun and relaxed environment.

German for Reading Knowledge
Learn to read German for graduate school requirements or genealogical research.

German for Reading and Translation
In this freshly updated asynchronous online course, you will develop the skills you need to read and accurately translate German texts to English. 


Italian 1
In this course you master the basics as well as phrases most useful to travelers.

Italian 2
Continue exploring the richness of Italian language and culture. Build on your ability to have everyday exchanges about travel, hobbies, family, and daily routines.

Italian for Reading and Translation
Offered three times a year and open to all, this course covers the essential grammar and vocabulary needed to prepare you for a graduate-level Italian translation exam or other research. 

Need a language course for credit?

Learn about Independent Learning Options. (Note: You should have courses approved for credit by your degree-granting institution before enrolling.)