Man looking at this laptop from home

Making the decision to apply for a job, pandemic edition

A UW–Madison career counselor offers time-tested and new tips for applying for a job during COVID.

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Street in backlight with sunbeams

Making the most of a bridge job in your professional journey

A career counselor explains the reasons to consider a bridge job and how you know when it’s time to move on.

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Artwork with megaphone and the word VOTE

Odyssey Project students and local leaders to celebrate voting at online event

The Oct. 3 event will feature talks by local leaders, voting information and winners of the “Why Vote?” contest.

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Responding to workplace safety issues during the pandemic

Many people around the country are nearing six months of working from home. Of course, while essential workers never left “the office,” other employees have gone back to work—finding circumstance less than ideal. A summer …

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A young woman studying with a laptop computer in a home.

Online Grief Support Specialist class trains global learners in loss and healing

Offered through UW–Madison Continuing Studies, the class gives students the skills to develop a professional specialty in the growing field of grief support.

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Hezouwe and Emily, arm in arm

Student’s remarkable journey to starting his undergraduate degree at age 28, living his dream

In his village of Koumea in Togo, Africa, 8-year-old Hezouwe Walada watched nearly half of his community—including three of his young cousins—die of malaria in early 2000. He decided then and there he wanted to …

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Artist Karen Ann Hoffman standing next to a chair she embroidered with beads

Oneida Nation of Wisconsin artist wins NEA award, helps Wisconsin Regional Art Program celebrate 80 years

Karen Ann Hoffman received the nation’s highest honor in folk and traditional arts and will keynote the Wisconsin Regional Art Program State Day Conference.

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Man looking at labtop screen and smiling

3 timely classes help you support yourself and others in uncertain times

The University of Wisconsin–Madison noncredit classes in Continuing Studies are known for their rigor, relevance and usefulness, even during a global pandemic.

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man looking frustrated as he sits next to young boy while trying to work

How to talk to your boss about coping during COVID

A career counselor explains how to navigate difficult work situations during the pandemic by sharing needs and concerns with your boss.

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George Mosse sitting in his library

New course, book series bring the words of George L. Mosse into contemporary discussions

A new course brings Mosse’s notable work in modern European cultural and intellectual history in conversation with current events such as the Me Too and Time’s Up movements.

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Woman gazes to her right, chin in hand.

Use this challenging time to reflect on career goals

I recently met with a client who was considering a career change in response to some health concerns. She had already taken a few steps towards making the switch but was unsure if she was …

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Emily Auerbach standing next to her parents smiling, in front of pictures of students

Generous major donors secure $3 million for UW Odyssey Project endowment to address inequities

It takes a village to create hope for the future. In the midst of challenging times, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Odyssey Project has secured funding to ensure the future of Odyssey. The endowment will support …

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