7 new year’s resolutions to enrich your life—and how to accomplish them

notebook with "2020 goals" sitting next to coffee cup and phone and pen

It’s that time of year when the festivities are over, and the pressure is on to make good on the goals you set for yourself in 2020.

Some people are capable of keeping resolutions without a plan, but most of us need a little structure. Studies show that you’re more apt to meet your goals if you’re surrounded by a support network. Why not join our community of learners at UW–Madison Continuing Studies who are committed to bettering themselves and the world?

Check out these personal and professional new year’s resolutions—and the classes and programs that could help you achieve them.

  1. Learn a language. Want to brush up on your Spanish? Learn Italian for a dream trip? Take a translation course? We offer Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish at various levels. You’ll not only improve your language skills—you’ll most likely meet new friends. Browse our language courses.
  2. Make art or music. Express yourself with art classes. Move bravely with dance and movement offerings. Fine tune your skills with music courses. This year, commit to creating something beautiful alongside other artists, dancers and musicians.
  3. Travel. Interested in seeing the world and learning something new but looking for professional direction? Consider the pyramids in Egypt or an African safari in Tanzania, or history right here at home in Washington, D.C. Read about upcoming guided trips in our educational travel program.
  4. Write a novel. Or a poem, short story, memoir or much more. And when you’re ready, get published! Online and in-person classes will take your writing to the next level and help you check something big off your bucket list. Take a writing course or attend our 31st annual Writers’ Institute.
  5. Boost your career. Keeping your skills and credentials current is easier with classes, certificates and conferences. Taught by highly qualified instructors, courses in behavioral health; distance education; and leadership, management and workplace skills will have your resume shining and give you new tools for a new year. Browse our professional development programs.
  6. Learn something new. Experience the world through lectures and conversations on history, literature and culture taught by leading historians, scholars and educators from UW–Madison and across the region. Check out our history and humanities classes.
  7. Help your kids thrive. Did you know we have programs for youth grades 1-12? Students can challenge themselves academically in a variety of areas this summer. Connect your children with the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) programs.

There’s still plenty of time to set—and meet—your 2020 goals. We’re here to help. Search our winter/spring offerings for even more ideas on how the new year can be a chance to improve your life through UW–Madison Continuing Studies. Email info@dcs.wisc.edu or call 608-262-1156 for more information.