At a glance

What: High-quality art instruction and innovative programming for every skill level in painting, drawing, design, the cultivation of creativity, and the business of art

Who: Taught by leading artists and educators from UW-Madison and across the region

Certification: Programs meet multiple requirements and standards for continuing education

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Artwork by Philip Salamone

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Upcoming programs
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8 weeks; Sun, June 5-July 31, 9am-noon (no class July 3)  •  $165
8 weeks; T, June 7-Aug 2, 1-3:30pm (no class June 28)  •  $195
8 weeks; T, June 7-Aug 2, 7:15-9:45pm (no class June 28)  •  $195
8 weeks; W, June 8-Aug 3, 7:15-10:15pm (no class June 29)  •  $165
6 weeks; Th, June 9-July 14, 7:15-9:45pm  •  $165
6 weeks; F, June 10-July 22, 9:30am-noon (no class July 1)  •  $165
6 weeks; Sa, June 11-July 16, 10am-1pm  •  $195
6 weeks; F, June 17-July 22, 9-11:30am  •  $165
Sa, June 18, 9am-5pm  •  $80
6 weeks; Sun, July 10-Aug 14, 1-4pm  •  $195
Sa, July 16, 9am-5pm  •  $80
4 weeks; Th, Aug 11-Sept 1, 10am-12:30pm  •  $125
4 weeks; Th, Aug 11-Sept 1, 1-3:30pm  •  $125
Conferences, retreats, more
Provides statewide art workshops and exhibits for nonprofessional artists.
When you visit Continuing Studies, be sure to enjoy the Art Gallery on the 7th floor, established to provide a resource for artists to display their art in a public education environment.

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