Finding your musical voice at School of the Arts at Rhinelander

Wade Fernandez playing music

Wade Fernandez believes the Native American-style flute embodies the very heart of Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Teaching this music at the School of the Arts at Rhinelander allows him to share a unique element of his home state.photo_school of the arts logo
Fernandez is a touring musician and recording artist as well as a veteran educator who has taught at School of the Arts for four years. His workshop “Finding Your Voice Through the Native Flute: First Experience” is open to anyone, even those who’ve never played a musical instrument. Students will learn to play and improvise on Native American-style flute—an end-blown wind instrument that can be rented or purchased on site. A second workshop, “Finding Your Voice Through the Native Flute: The Journey Continues,” is geared toward more experienced Native American-style flute players, who will learn about improvisation and composition.
“I feel that School of the Arts at Rhinelander is unique because it creates a safe and nurturing nest in the Northwoods,” says Fernandez.  “It provides its students with a vision to see the possibilities of art within themselves.”
The School of the Arts at Rhinelander features nearly 40 workshops in visual arts, performing arts, writing, culinary arts, and mind/body/spirit on July 17-19. For over 50 years, it has provided opportunities for people to explore their artistic abilities surrounded by the natural beauty of Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

A gift to be shared

Growing up on Wisconsin’s Menominee Nation Reservation, Fernandez has been making music all his life.
“To me music is a gift that is meant to be shared,” he says.
Fernandez believes students can discover something significant about themselves at his School of the Arts workshops.
“I believe we all have a musical voice that sometimes just needs a little bit of encouragement,” he says.  “Once that voice is able to express itself, it can be very uplifting for the individual as well as the people they choose to share it with.”
For more information about the School of the Arts at Rhinelander, contact director Lynn Tarnoff at ltarnoff@dcs.wisc.edu or 608-890-1424.