Continuing Studies announces Fall Giveaway winners

Cover of current catalog
Fall 2015 Catalog

Lifelong learning is always rewarding. For 10 lucky people, it’s also free! Or a lot less expensive, at the very least.

Hundreds of people responded to our Fall Giveaway, hoping to win $100 off any fall 2015 Continuing Studies class. The following names were randomly selected from entries received before the Aug. 27 deadline:

Susan Barnett – Madison, WI
Riddhi Gandhi – Madison, WI
Molly Kloehn – Madison, WI
Katie Lanning – Madison, WI
Sharon Lewandowski – Madison, WI
Ken Nekola – Cambridge, WI
Sara Minkoff – Madison, WI
Allison Pfaff – Madison, WI
Shea Ramey – Madison, WI
Caitlin Woyak – Madison, WI


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