Artists of all skill levels can delight in Art Camp for Adults

Remember doing art projects at summer camp when you were a kid? Now there’s a version for grownups through University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies. Art Camp for Adults is a chance for artists to immerse themselves in their favorite media this summer, from watercolor to acrylics and beyond.

the prairie at UW-Madison Arboretum
Artists will have a chance to wander the Arboretum and draw inspiration from nature during breaks.

The seven workshops don’t include sleepovers or sing-alongs, but they will encourage camaraderie reminiscent of youth summer camps. With classes at the UW-Madison Arboretum Visitor Center, participants will have a chance to wander picturesque trails and draw inspiration from nature during breaks.

The workshops range from one day to three days. Each day’s session will be five hours, allowing artists to engage deeply with their work. Participants bring a lunch for a studio picnic and let the outside world slip away for a little while.

“These are more intensive classes than we’ve offered at Continuing Studies,” says program director Lynn Tarnoff. “They will also be more playful, with the zest of a kid’s summer camp.”

Bring a friend

Participants will make new friends at Art Camp for Adults, but they are also encouraged to bring along their own buddy or family member. Those registering with another person qualify for a Bring-A-Friend discount and can also share supplies. Adult artists of all skill levels are welcome, along with high school juniors and seniors.

“Beginners can sign up for the workshops,” Tarnoff says, “but seasoned artists will also get something out of them—for example, those who are struggling with their work and need to hit the reset button. Wherever you are in your journey, you can come to Art Camp for Adults and grow.”

The workshops include Choose Your Own Watercolor Adventure (June 14-16), Finding My Creative Self (July 3), Painting With Acrylics (July 5-7), Visual Storytelling in Mixed Media (July 24-26), Tree Wisdom and an Experience in Collage (Aug. 14), Painting With Pastels (Aug. 16-18), and Getting Started with Watercolor (Aug. 21-23). Among the distinguished instructors are UW-Madison professor emeritus Beverly Gordon, art therapist Kristen Vesbach, and Tarnoff, herself an award-winning artist.

One advantage of Art Camp for Adults is that students don’t have to commit to a weekly classes and potentially miss several sessions due to a vacation. The one- and three-day workshops will easily fit into summer schedules.

“That way, people won’t have to wait until fall to get back to their art,” Tarnoff says.

Contact Lori O’Neill with questions: lori.oneill@wisc.edu, 608‑263‑6322.