Scholarship boost helps more students benefit from UW-Madison Summer Term

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To complete the requirements for her journalism major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Casey Donart needed a history class. She decided to take it during Summer Term to lighten her load during fall and spring semesters. She also chose a history class offered online so she could work at her own pace and remain flexible in her summer schedule.

“By taking the course during Summer Term, I saved myself time during the school year so I could take more classes in my field of study,” Donart says. “It also gave me more time to invest in extracurricular and internship opportunities.”

Donart made Summer Term work for her with help from a scholarship from UW-Madison. The university has significantly increased summer scholarship funding in the past two years to make it easier for students to advance their academic and professional careers. Summer Term courses can help them complete challenging degree requirements and also earn the credits they need to graduate on time.

UW-Madison microbiology students on a boat on Lake Mendota
UW-Madison microbiology students collect data from Lake Mendota for a summer project. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

In 2016, UW-Madison awarded 225 undergraduate students need-based scholarships. For summer 2017, the university has significantly increased funding. To receive a scholarship, students must demonstrate both financial need and academic excellence and explain how Summer Term fits into their academic plans. The application period runs March 1 to April 4, with recipients notified by April 28. Scholarships are generally between $500 and $1,500.

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More than 150 online courses will appeal to students who can’t fit a face-to-face class into their summer plans.

As part of the summer scholarship program, the university is also piloting an award for UW-Madison spring transfer students. The Transfer Scholars Summer Award will provide an award to every undergraduate transfer student admitted this spring who enrolls in Summer Term.

Unique learning experiences

Summer Term offers accelerated three- to eight-week courses, many of which prepare students for future careers. They include summer internships, field courses, and other unique learning experiences that provide real-world training, along with high-demand courses that students need to satisfy curricular requirements. More than 150 online courses will appeal to those who, like Donart, can’t fit a face-to-face class into their summer plans.

Matthew Buettner, another 2016 scholarship recipient, took a Summer Term course to accomplish his dream of a double major.

“Instead of having to cram large credit loads into each semester, I was able to space out my classes to truly enhance my understanding of every topic,” Buettner says. “Summer Term made it a realistic possibility to double major in biochemistry and economics with a certificate in global health.”

UW-Madison Summer Term runs May 30 to Aug. 20, and enrollment begins March 27. Check here to learn more about courses, programs, tuition, summer employment, and housing options.