Young male programmer working in software development and coding technologies in a home office setting

Coding Bootcamp

The digital revolution has transformed virtually every area of human activity—and you can become part of it as a web development professional. Offered through UW Extended Campus, the University of Wisconsin Coding Boot Camp is a deeply engaging online full stack web development course that gives you the knowledge and skills to build dynamic end-to-end web applications and become a full stack web developer in 24 weeks.

Designed to fit into the lives of busy adults and working professionals, the program pairs convenient online lessons and application practice that you can complete 24/7 with live virtual classes and support.

The program is rigorous, fast-paced and covers both the theory and application of web development. As you gain proficiency, you’ll use what you learn in hands-on projects. Plus, you’ll develop an impressive portfolio and the confidence to succeed as a web development professional.



Online Coding Bootcamp


November 13, 2023–May 13, 2024