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Boost your confidence in Spanish with this short low intermediate (A2.1) course that provides the perfect transition from Spanish 3 to Spanish 4. Review essential grammar, learn new expressions and expand your vocabulary as you discuss a short novel with your instructor and other participants.

In this six-week course, participants will read the short novel Año nuevo, vida nueva together and discuss. The course will reinforce previously studied grammar points such as: simple present, direct and indirect objects, and the present perfect tense. It will grow your vocabulary and give you a head start for Spanish 4 by solidifying your understanding of the preterit tense and introducing you to the imperfect past tense. One-hour weekly conversation sessions will improve your conversational skills and pronunciation. Book purchase required. Supplementary materials will be provided in Canvas. Prerequisite: Spanish 3.

Purchase the book.

Course format: Participants should budget 3-4 hours a week to read 6-9 pages from the novel and work through written and online asynchronous instructional materials in preparation for the live online conversation sessions. In these weekly conversation sessions, a maximum of 12 students will meet with the instructor for one hour. Together you will discuss the book in large and small groups, and improve conversational skills and pronunciation while putting into practice the language structures and vocabulary studied throughout the week.

Online course materials are available one week before the first live conversation class and remain accessible for one month after the course ends.

Sections anticipated for summer 2024 (See Upcoming Dates for open sections and more detail):

Thursdays, July 25–Sept. 5, 5:30–6:30 p.m. CT

Thursdays, July 25–Sept. 5, 6:45–7:45 p.m. CT

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Course Outline

Course Outline:

Week 1:

Capítulo 1. Solo en la ciudad pp. 19-23

Capítulo 2. El plan de Brian pp. 29-32

El presente simple

Reading: 8 pág.

Week 2:

Capítulo 3. Brian quiere aprender español pp. 37-39

Capítulo 4. ¿Por qué aprender español …? pp. 45-46

Capítulo 5. Como Penélope Cruz pp. 51-55

Los pronombres directos e indirectos.

Reading: 8 ½ pág.

Week 3:

Capítulo 6. ¿Mate o té? pp. 61-63

Capítulo 7. En Londres pero con uvas pp. 71-74

Capítulo 8. Setecientos amigos pp. 79-80

El pretérito y el presente perfecto.

Repaso de hace y lleva.

Reading: 6 ½ pág.

Week 4:

Capítulo 9. Marcela nunca llega tarde pp. 85-87

Capítulo 10. La diferencia entre ser y estar pp. 93-97

El imperfecto.

Reading: 6 ¼ pág.

Week 5:

Capítulo 11. La historia de Marcela pp. 105-106

Capítulo 12. Pero… pp. 111-114

Capítulo 13. La policía pp. 119-120

El imperfecto y el pretérito juntos.

Reading: 6 pág.

Week 6:

Capítulo 14. Tomar uvas pp. 125-130

Capítulo 15. La resaca pp. 135-138

Capítulo 16. Un hombre “embarazado” pp. 143-144

Repaso final

Reading: 9 pág.

Earn Continuing Education Hours

By participating in this class you will earn:

Instructional Hours 24
University of Wisconsin Continuing Education Units 2.4

Explanation of Continuing Education Hours

Upcoming dates (2)

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(MA, Loyola University Chicago) has taught Spanish language, culture, and literature courses to traditional and non-traditional adult students for over 15 years. Born in Brazil and raised in Argentina, she enjoys sharing her first language with students and helping them grow their speaking skills with practical and fun learning activities.