4 frowns and a happy face

The secrets of happiness at work

‘Happiness traps’ are destructive habits that prevent us from finding contentment in our jobs.

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Survival skills for a new workplace

Soft skills will help you understand how your new team works and adapt to the organization’s culture.

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Skills Infographic = training, competence, learning, knowledge, advanced training, growth ability and experience

Personalized learning is key to meeting students’ needs in higher education

In this approach, instructors acknowledge that each student begins a course with different knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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So you want to see a career counselor?

The outcome of a session will be proportional to the amount of effort you invest.

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Are you ready for the career challenges of 2018?

Whether you’re looking for a job, changing careers or setting goals for the future, get ready for the next challenge with this quiz by a University of Wisconsin-Madison career counselor.

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Andrew Irving and Sage Goellner

French for life: finding fulfillment through language learning

Each week, learners spend an hour participating in interactive activities that sharpen their French skills. After class, they have dinner together, practicing the language with university students and community members.

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Bank building with the letter 'A' falling off the top

Reforming the financial services industry to help struggling Americans

‘The Unbanking of America’ explores the role of a dysfunctional banking and credit system.

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Dealing with questionable job-interview questions

Some questions can violate the law.

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The Odyssey Project students making the Wisconsin 'W' with their hands

A path forward on diversity and inclusion

Here’s an approach to creating a more welcoming environment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Odyssey Project brings families together while tearing educational barriers apart

With only a high school education, one participant found that many doors were closed to her. Now, with Odyssey by her side, they are starting to open.

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The care and feeding of professional references

Develop authentic relationships with professional references and make an effort to stay connected.

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drawing of Bascom Hill from 1887

UW-Madison honors a tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship

The university continues to think creatively about serving its audience.

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