Rachel Smith

Adult student and mother of five shares trials and the triumph of getting her degree

Returning adult students need resolve and perseverance to overcome obstacles.

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Career Corner September 2018

Balancing school, family, and work when going back to college

Angeline Mboutngam moved to the United States from Cameroon in her mid 30s with dreams of going to college. Personal and financial obstacles made an undergraduate degree seem impossible, but somehow Mboutngam graduated from the …

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lifelong learning

A scientifically sound approach to lifelong learning

‘Make It Stick’ explains how people can learn better and remember longer.

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job search

The state of Wisconsin can help with your job search

The revamped Job Center of Wisconsin website includes novel features for job-seekers.

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career myths

Busting career myths

Advice from career counselor Moira Kelley: Don’t be afraid to try something new.

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Icon: Smart phone and mobile app concept.

Susan Aldridge shares new ideas for technology-enhanced education at Distance Teaching & Learning Conference

The Distance Teaching & Learning Conference features leading lights from academia, industry, and government on Aug. 7-9.

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returning adult college student

Returning to college as an adult? Here’s how to ease the transition.

If you’re returning to college as an adult, you’re not alone. Students over age 25 are the fastest-growing population in higher education. Here are some ways to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist

Lifelong learning will prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist

Higher education must retool its curriculum to meet the demands of the modern-day workplace.

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Alec Couros

Alec Couros sheds light on students’ digital reality at Distance Teaching & Learning Conference

On Aug. 7-9, the conference will feature leading figures from academia, industry, and government.

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professionals shaking hands; networking

Networking through authentic connections

This approach involves viewing fellow professionals as people, rather than as stepping stones on your path to success.

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goal plan action

Talking with your supervisor about career goals

Growing in your profession doesn’t always have to mean getting a promotion.

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Professional woman holding pen

How to make your cover letter shine

Convince the hiring team you’re an excellent fit for the job they’re offering, not just a job in your field or at their company.

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