People walk up Bascom Hill as the tree foliage begins to change colors during autumn. At right is the Law School building. In the background is the Wisconsin State Capitol building dome.

Higher education possible for undocumented students

Attending college in the U.S. as an adult student who is undocumented or a DACA recipient is complicated but not impossible. Here are some things to consider.

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Closeup shot of a person in a red shirt writing on a notepad. UW–Madison Lifelong Learner

Finding your groove in college as an adult student

Returning to school as an adult student can be challenging. An educational counselor shares tips to help you through the process.

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Jillian Stacey standing behind her two children, all smiling

Celebrating and supporting student parents in higher ed

September is National Student Parent Month. Read about how higher education institutions can support student parents, and let’s celebrate these students’ success!

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Large group of DCS staff standing and smiling, with chancellor in the center of the group

Chancellor Mnookin visits Continuing Studies to hear the value of lifelong learning

Continuing Studies staff and faculty were honored to host the chancellor for a few hours to discuss opportunities, priorities and challenges at the division.

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Hands of an unrecognisable man typing on his laptop.

Students’ motivations and goals vary

Two returning adult students share why they decided to return to their education – and how they’re using their new-found knowledge.

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Hands wearing bracelets on keyboard, person doing a job search online

Use LinkedIn for a successful job search

Read a step-by-step breakdown from one of our educational counselors on how to use LinkedIn to land your next job.

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Two people sitting at a table. You can only see their hands as they talk.

Employers benefit from continuing ed for employees

Get valuable tips from one of our adult student advisors on how continuing ed benefits employers and how they can implement continuing ed for employees at work.

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The words financial aid are written on a sticky note on a desk with books, a marker and money. Two other sticky notes are shown, one with a sketch of a graduation cap and one with a sketch of a bag of money.

There’s no age limit for financial aid

A student services coordinator shares four myths about financial aid for returning adult students — and what you should know instead.

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graphic image with clocks, gears, people, hands, envelopes and more, to illustrate learning and skills

Use this exercise to ID and leverage your transferrable skills

Get advice from one of our UW-Madison educational counselors on how to leverage your transferable skills with this useful exercise.

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Bucky statue at alumni park surrounded by plants and flowers

What continuing education can do for you

Curious about what continuing education can do for you? Read this column by one of our expert educational counselors that appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal.

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An aerial view of UW–Madison students sitting in rows in lecture hall at desks with open laptops.

Returning adult students add value to classrooms

UW–Madison returning adult student Todd Johnson and Assistant Professor Nidia Bañuelos reflect on the many benefits returning students bring to their classes, instructors and community.

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Adult learners in class

How much do you know about lifelong learning?

Test your knowledge of lifelong learning with our 2022 quiz on topics we covered in our Wisconsin State Journal column this year.

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