ICYMI: UW Odyssey Project featured on NBC15 News

In case you missed it…
On March 30, NBC15 news anchor Leigh Mills interviewed Emily Auerbach, director of UW-Madison’s Odyssey Project, and Qu’Anna Caffey, a participant in the new Odyssey Junior program.
As part of Odyssey Junior, volunteers from the Greater Madison Writing Project teach children ages 9 to 16 to express themselves through writing. The child participants all have a parent, grandparent, or other relative in the UW Odyssey Project, a free college humanities course for adults who face adversity. Now in its 12th year, Odyssey provides a jump start for adults who live near the poverty level.
“My favorite part is getting to write stories,” said Caffey, who shared her poem with the television audience.

The Skin I’m In
By Qu’Anna Caffey

The skin I’m in is afraid and scared
Because I do not know what’s coming next,
So don’t be afraid or scared because you know there’s always
Someone there for you.

The skin I’m in is lonely,
but I always have a friend there to catch me.

Odyssey has been the catalyst that enables many adults to transform their lives and find a career direction. After the course, the Odyssey Project continues support and advising for those who continue their college education.

Odyssey students report transformative outcomes from their participation in the program. They also report that they read more to their children, feel that they are better parents, have more hope about their own future, are more likely to vote and become involved in their communities, and have made plans to continue their education and/or seek job training.

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