Group leaders: What are your strategies for success?

Many professionals think donning steel-clad armor and wielding a sword are the only ways to get results when they lead a group. But Continuing Studies instructors can help you discover more effective and more heart-friendly strategies to work with colleagues.

Longtime CS instructors Kathy Germann, Vida Groman and Denise Jess agree it’s not easy to deal with different personalities, opinions and styles unless you’re well prepared for the task.

They have developed a popular workshop series, Facilitating by Heart, that gives group leaders skills and tools to support project teams so they can work productively and collaboratively. Emphasis is on working to hear from all the voices at the table.

Over the years, participants have come from leading private companies as well from social service agencies and government offices.

Says Rob Van Nevel, a former Learning & Development manager with Lands’ End, “This series has given the participants from my company skills and take-away materials that are immediately applicable. The effect has been tremendous personal and professional growth. There has been a positive ripple effect in our organization among the people we work with.”


The five-part series includes :

Building the Learning Community, April 17-18
Utilizing Different Learning Patterns, May 15-16
Centering, Listening and Questioning, July 24-25
Transforming Conflict, Sept 11-12
Decision-making, Facilitation Feedback, Oct 9-10

The instructors consider it important to develop a safe environment in these workshops so all participants are comfortable learning and sharing throughout the sessions. To accomplish this, registration is limited and you are required to register for all five seminars. Your attendance is expected for the whole series so you gain a complete competence in group leadership.