Yu-Li Wang

Position title: Project Coordinator

Email: yu-li.wang@wisc.edu

Yu Li Wang

Yu-Li most recently worked as the administrative assistant for the UW–Madison’s Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC). There she helped students, scientists, project managers, and collaborators from all over the world with travel arrangements, reimbursement, HR requests, event planning, and awards management and reporting. While she did not fully grasp the science behind the cool projects happening at the South Pole, she became more and more interested in project management and through additional online coursework discovered she wanted to work with cross-functional teams. The PDC project coordinator position is the perfect job for her, where she is excited to apply her skills, build connections, learn new things, and work closely with talented people to support learners while they pursue their education and career goals! 

Yu-Li is originally from Taiwan. She came to Madison first as a visiting student in college and later returned to pursue graduate studies in History. She believes in lifelong learning and wishes she could borrow Hermione’s Time-Turner to start and complete the many online courses in her basket and many more on her wish list. Outside of work she loves gardening, fruit picking, and day dreaming about the food forest she is going to create in her future back yard.