Toral Livingston-Jha

Credentials: PCC

Position title: Mentor Coach

Toral Livingston-Jha

Toral is passionate about working with individuals and teams deeply committed to making positive change and creating impact in their world. For over 20 years, she has provided organizational development, team management and client relations within organizations focused on advancing environmental, social and educational causes.  As a mother, woman of color and second-generation American (Gujarat, India), she knows what it’s like to navigate uncertainty, welcome varying perspectives and honor individual identity. 

Since 2006, Toral has cultivated a mindfulness practice and has delivered training on techniques designed to strengthen attention, compassion and self-awareness. She continues to invest in her growth as a teacher, including training as an MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher over the last several years. She is also dedicated to creating supportive spaces and access to these practices for communities of color. In 2016, Toral formed TLJ Coaching and Consulting, LLC to holistically provide leadership and life coaching as well as training services to leaders, entrepreneurs and those in career/life transition dedicated to transformational growth. She approaches her work with a spirit of service and compassion; supporting clients to connect with their strengths, values and possibilities — challenging old ways of thinking and inspiring new awareness and action.