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Workplace Neurodiversity: Creating Spaces Where All Minds Can Thrive

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Diversity drives innovative thinking and creative solutions in the workplace. Neurodiversity reflects the natural variation in human minds and how people interact with the world differently as a result. Companies that embrace neurodiversity, gain competitive advantages and facilitate an inclusive workplace allowing all talent to thrive. Improving systems and spaces to be more flexible and inclusive is key to maintaining an engaged and successful workforce.

Before an organization can embrace neurodiversity, it must first understand how neurodivergence appears within it, and examine the workplace culture around it. Create a culture of appreciation, accountability, and trust by addressing some of the most common recruitment, selection and career development obstacles for neurodivergent employees. Leverage the talents of all employees through greater sensitivity to individual needs. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to neurodiversity, simple adjustments and accommodations (often at little cost to the employer) allow every team member to feel safe, supported and able to showcase their unique talents.


This course provides access to assessments and guides that can be used by you, your team and organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the brain and neurodiversity from an affirmative viewpoint
  • Describe the benefits of hiring people whose brains differ from the majority
  • Explore where your organizational culture stands as it relates to neurodiversity
  • Identify the obstacles faced by neurodivergent employees and discover practical ways to reduce barriers and stigma
  • Apply practical, and specific actions to promote a culture of appreciation, accountability and trust
  • Become aware of your own unique profile as it relates to neurodiversity
  • Accommodate workplace diversity by focusing on specific individual needs

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