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Continue exploring the cultural richness of the Portuguese-speaking world in this highly practical beginner course that will get you talking about food, the weather, shopping, and more. Improve your ability to converse about a wider range of topics in the present tense, take your first steps in using the past tenses, and grow your comprehension, reading, and writing skills, all in the context of real-life situations. The same textbook is used for Portuguese 1, 2 and 3. Prerequisite: Portuguese 1.

Course format:

Instructional videos and interactive online materials in the Canvas course platform introduce new grammar and vocabulary and teach pronunciation, listening and reading skills. Participants should budget 3-4 hours a week to work through the online asynchronous materials in preparation for the live online conversation groups. Participants practice speaking live with the instructor in small groups of 3-6 students in 30-minute weekly sessions. Groups will vary weekly, so participants should be available for the entire one-hour time slot. Online course materials are available one week before the first live conversation class and remain accessible for one month after the course ends.

Online course materials are available for one month after the course ends.

The required textbook is sold by many online vendors. Make sure to look for ISBN number 9897520597.  It is generally available on Amazon and at MEP Education

Sections anticipated (See Upcoming Dates for open sections and more detail): 


Course Outline

Course outline:

Below are the major themes covered in each unit. In Portuguese 2 you will work through chapters 5-9 in the textbook, Nota 10.

Unidade 5: 

  • Food and drink vocabulary
  • Order food in a restaurant
  • Read a menu
  • Exchange information about food and restaurants
  • Quantities
  • Formation of plural nouns and adjectives

Unidade 6: 

  • Weather vocabulary
  • Talk about the weather
  • Invite people to an event
  • Accept and decline invitations
  • Difference between saber/conhecer
  • Estar + gerúndio

Unidade 7: 

  • Clothes vocabulary
  • Color vocabulary
  • Exchange money
  • Compare things and prices
  • Demonstrative adjectives

Unidade 8: 

  • Transportation vocabulary
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Ask for and give travel information
  • Describe an itinerary
  • Commands
  • Por + articles

Unidade 9: 

  • Travel vocabulary
  • Talk about vacations
  • Suggest, agree, and disagree
  • Exchange information about hotels
  • Book a hotel
  • Introduction to the simple past tense
  • Direct objects

Earn Continuing Education Hours

By participating in this class you will earn:

Instructional Hours 35
University of Wisconsin Continuing Education Units 3.5

Explanation of Continuing Education Hours

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