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Find your way forward. Whether you’re upskilling to advance your career, improve client/patient outcomes, pursuing a new passion or something in between, our flexible online, in-person and hybrid classes are designed to work with your schedule, here on the UW–Madison campus or wherever you are in the world. Use the search filters to find the class, badge or certificate that works best for you.

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A Coach Approach to Work Performance Feedback

This specially designed class will focus on the how-to's of adopting a coaching style for giving work performance feedback. This is a class for leaders and managers who are ready to learn this approach and who want to understand and practice the key elements to utilize them right away.
Upcoming Dates
  • Jan. 19, 2022–Feb. 2, 2022
    $525; gov't/nonprofit $395
    Live online
  • July 20, 2022–Aug. 3, 2022
    $565; gov't/nonprofit $445
    Live online

Inclusive Teaching Online: Skills and Techniques for All Trainers

The larger principles of Universal Course Design will be summarized, then the major focus of the class will be techniques and tools that can be immediately applied to online format classes for creating flexible, equitable and respectful learning experiences. Gain insights and ideas from colleagues and our instructor who has over a decade of relevant experience.
Upcoming Dates
  • Feb. 10, 2022
    $285; gov't/nonprofit $195
    Live online

Intercultural Communication: Foundation for Cultural Competency

Communication across cultures often breaks down due to basic cultural differences that are misunderstood and frequently invisible. We introduce you to tools that enable you to identify and understand cultural differences and lay a foundation for strong cultural competency domestically and globally.
Upcoming Dates
  • May 18, 2022
    $475; gov't/nonprofit $365

Online Professional Presence: Tips and Techniques for the Virtual You at Work

This special 1.5 hour class is offered live online. Projecting a professional virtual presence is a skill that has become essential in today’s world shaped by the pandemic. We must build relationships, lead teams and collaborate with colleagues to achieve organizational results — now entirely through electronic connections. Join us for this timely opportunity to learn tips and techniques for developing your professional presence on video conference platforms; whether you are doing meetings, instruction or just checking in. Learn how to lead and contribute with confidence, remain professionally engaged and visible, create a positive impression, minimize distractions, and avoid common and surprising mistakes that can derail your best intentions.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.

Practical Workplace Negotiation Skills for Everyday Issues

The ability to confidently and successfully negotiate is a critical skill. Explore different negotiation approaches and strategies for a range of everyday workplace issues such as salary changes, job responsibilities, and establishing deadlines, with the goal of strengthening relationships.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.

Strengths Discovery: Building on Talents for Leadership and Team Success

When you know your unique set of these talents, you are empowered to succeed by doing what you naturally do best. People who use their CliftonStrengths are less likely to experience worry, stress, anger, sadness or physical pain, and are proven to be three times more engaged and happy at work.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.