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Management Assessment for Personal Planning and Development

This class will use the DiSC® assessment instrument to build self-awareness and explore the many facets that shape the way we see our world and function at work. By incorporating neuroscience and the DiSC® framework, we will learn to better understand our perspectives, identify and adapt to the perspectives of others and to capture insightful synergies. We will discuss how to use tools and strategies to make this process easier so we can discover more options and solutions in our teams and projects.
Upcoming Dates
  • March 1–2, 2023
    $459 Standard; $359* gov't/nonprofit; $359 TIC *This rate is available to nonprofit and public sector organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit educational institutions. For questions about eligibility, please contact the program director. 
    Live online

Intercultural Communication: Foundation for Cultural Competency

Communication across cultures often breaks down due to basic cultural differences that are misunderstood and frequently invisible. We introduce you to tools that enable you to identify and understand cultural differences and lay a foundation for strong cultural competency, domestically and globally.
Upcoming Dates
  • Aug. 16–17, 2023
    $429; gov't/nonprofit $329
    Live online