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Leading for Racial Equity Certificate: Transformation and Policy Tools

This certificate is three days, offered in a highly participatory live-online format. Transform your commitment to racial equity into anti-racist leadership. You will learn the key features of an anti-racist organization, assess the readiness of your organization to move toward anti-racism and plan next steps. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of how racial equity decision tools are used to hardwire equity strategies in budget allocations, programs and policy decisions. Apply an equity-focused analysis to a current project and leave with feedback on how to leverage the project for social justice and racial equity. Open to anyone with an intermediate understanding of racial equity who is ready to impact their organization's programs, practices, policies and decisions.
Upcoming Dates
  • March 15, 2023–May 17, 2023
    $1,299; $899* gov't/nonprofit *This rate is available to nonprofit and public sector organizations, government agencies and nonprofit educational institutions. For questions about eligibility, please contact the program director.  
    Live online

E.I. for Groups: A Leader's Toolkit for Building Emotionally Intelligent Teams

Emotional Intelligence is recognized as an important contributor to work performance and personal well-being. However, today, work is increasingly team-based, so group leaders need advanced skills to build an emotionally intelligent team. This class will focus on the proactive approaches and tools for creating an E.I. culture that enables respectful, effective and creative collaboration even when the going gets tough. Emotionally intelligent teams are better equipped to solve problems, adapt to change, work together more effectively and achieve greater productivity. For this class, it will be assumed that participants are familiar with E.I. and want to lead or influence a team to become an extraordinary one. Participants will have the advantage of completing the EQi 2.0 self-assessment in advance of the class — the cost is included in the class fee.
Upcoming Dates
  • April 4–6, 2023
    $469; $369 gov't/nonprofit
    Live online

Honoring Our Common Differences: Reflective Leadership for Inclusivity

Inclusivity is the practice of radical hospitality, where people of diverse social and cultural groups experience uncompromising respect and dignity. Inclusive leaders value and encourage multiple perspectives. Gain insights into unconscious bias and inclusivity on individual/organizational levels.
Upcoming Dates
  • May 23, 2023
    $395; gov't/nonprofit $295
    Live online

Intercultural Communication: Foundation for Cultural Competency

Communication across cultures often breaks down due to basic cultural differences that are misunderstood and frequently invisible. We introduce you to tools that enable you to identify and understand cultural differences and lay a foundation for strong cultural competency, domestically and globally.
Upcoming Dates
  • Aug. 16–17, 2023
    $429; gov't/nonprofit $329
    Live online

Inclusive Teaching Online: Skills and Techniques for All Trainers

The larger principles of Universal Course Design will be summarized, then the major focus of the class will be techniques and tools that can be immediately applied to online format classes for creating flexible, equitable and respectful learning experiences. Gain insights and ideas from colleagues and our instructor who has over a decade of relevant experience.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.

Servant Leadership Certificate

Examine the core aspects of servant leadership. Topics for the five-day program are: Servant Leadership Foundations, Personal and Organizational Challenges of Servant Leadership, Serving Customers/Clients/Citizens, Servant Leadership at the Team and Organizational Level and Connecting Servant Leadership to Community and the World.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.