Business Spanish Certificate Program

In six months, greatly improve your Spanish language skills and gain the cultural knowledge you need to conduct business successfully in Spain and Latin America. Learn to communicate professionally via email, telephone, and Skype. This online two-course program for working professionals provides flexibility in time and content. Prerequisite: Intermediate level of Spanish.

At a glance

What: Business Spanish Certificate Program

When: The next Business Spanish 1 starts Mar 1. Business Spanish 2 is self-paced.

Where: Online

Cost: Certificate program (both courses): 8.0 CEUs, $825 | Group rate (2 or more): $780 each | Spanish 1 only: 4.0 CEUs, $515 | Spanish 2 only: 4.0 CEUs, $405

Continuing education credit: 80 hours (8.0 CEUs)

Instructor: Julie M. Dahl

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Business Spanish 1: Ten practical online lessons about professional communication in the Spanish-speaking world. 3-month program. New courses begin in fall (September) and winter/spring (February or March).

Business Spanish 2: Two customizable modules. 6 weeks each. Begin anytime after finishing Business Spanish 1.

Why earn this certificate?

UW-Madison Continuing Studies’ Online Business Spanish Certificate program is the only academic program of its kind in the Midwest.

Long renowned as one of the foremost academic institutions in the country, UW-Madison provides unparalleled service to post-traditional students. UW-Madison Continuing Studies develops and delivers more than 20 professional certificate programs in a wide variety of callings and careers—now including business Spanish. Through our unique combination of experience, innovation, and credibility, we can help you stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.

This program offers a practical, flexible, and convenient way to acquire the language skills and cultural knowledge entrepreneurs and corporate professionals need to conduct business successfully in Spain and Latin America. Get real-life experience emailing, texting, and practicing phone conversations and Skype interviews with your instructor. Learn business etiquette, create professional documents, and learn to discuss your own training and your business sector, all while growing your knowledge about the Spanish-speaking business world and negotiating cross-culturally.

Who this course is for

  • Business professionals who need hands-on skills for their current positions
  • Professionals who wish to expand their career opportunities by acquiring the ability to work cross-culturally
  • MBA students who are considering careers in international business
  • Professionals working for NGOs who work with Spanish-speaking countries
  • Anyone interested in gaining practical language and cultural skills
  • Undergraduates looking to prepare themselves for a competitive global market

Both courses can be adapted to an intermediate or advanced speaker of Spanish. A minimum of 3 semesters of college-level Spanish is required or the instructor’s consent. If you are uncertain about your level of Spanish, contact the course director at or 608-262-7389.

How the certificate works

Students take 2 courses: Business Spanish 1 and Business Spanish 2.

Business Spanish 1 gives you essential skills to conduct business in a Spanish-speaking environment. Write professional emails, and converse over the phone and Skype. Learn business etiquette and how to discuss your own background and skills as well as your company’s products, services, and structure. This competency-based course will give you practical knowledge while reinforcing your command of the Spanish language. Each lesson includes a grammar review.

In course 1, you will begin with an online cohort and have 3 months to work through 10 informative lessons with guidance and weekly feedback from your instructor and interaction with other participants. You can tailor the assignments to your particular field of work and can approach different communicative tasks from the perspective of the employer or the employee. New courses begin in September and March. Prerequisite: Intermediate level of Spanish demonstrated by 3 semesters of college-level Spanish or instructor’s consent. Part of the Business Spanish Certificate Program.

4 CEUs

Business Spanish 2 is composed of 2 modules. You have 6 weeks to finish each module. The first module, “Effective Interviewing for Jobs or Partnerships,” allows you to work through the module as a perspective employee applying for a position, as an employer hiring for a position, or as an organization seeking international business partners. Get real-life experience emailing, texting, speaking on the phone, and doing interviews via Skype. In the second module, “Customized Project,” you will work closely with an instructor researching a specific business sector in the Spanish-speaking country of your choice. Gain knowledge and vocabulary tailored to your immediate professional needs.

Course begins anytime after you finish Business Spanish 1.

4 CEUs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have just started learning Spanish. Can I take Business Spanish 1?
    This course is for an intermediate to advanced learner of Spanish. The course is entirely in Spanish and requires you to write and communicate in Spanish from the very beginning. Please write the course director if you have questions about your level of Spanish.
  2. What should my supervisor/company know about this course?
    90% of our participants are working professionals. This course has been designed to be highly practical and present professional register and situations which are rarely taught in traditional language courses. We are constantly updating our materials to make sure our content and approach is effective and relevant.
  3. Can I take this course for college credit?
    The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not offer college credits for this course, which allows us to keep the price low. However, several academic institutions have allowed their students to take this course as an independent study and provided credit. Please contact the course director for more information.
  4. How will this course help me?
    This course will present real-life situations and prepare you to respond professionally in each situation. At the end of the course, you will have gained strategies for communication and have a better understanding of interpreting the cross-cultural situations you will face.
  5. Can I take time off between courses?
    Yes, while you must begin the first course with a cohort, you can take time off before starting the modules of the second course based on your schedule.
  6. Is there a discount for multiple employees from the same company?
    Yes, if an organization or company enrolls more than one employee at a time.
  7. What are CEUs?
    CEU stands for Continuing Educational Unit. Each unit represents approximately 10 hours of participation effort. They are not transferable as degree credits but represent a measure of personal enrichment courses.

Further questions? Email Julie Dahl» or call 608-262-5929.