Students learning in class as a group.

Liberal Arts & Applied Studies (LAAS)

Who We Are

Liberal Arts and Applied Studies (LAAS) is an academic department whose research focus serves and informs the teaching of adult learners. We provide education to adult learners, undertake scholarship on teaching and learning related to professional development and lifelong learning, and conduct outreach on issues of societal importance.

Our team

Emily Auerbach

Position title: Professor of English; Executive Director of the UW Odyssey Project

Emily Azad

Position title: Program Manager, UW Odyssey Project

Nidia Bañuelos

Position title: Assistant Professor

Brian Benford

Position title: Success Coach, UW Odyssey Project

Michelle Bozeman

Position title: Odyssey Case Manager

Erin Celello

Position title: Literacy Instructor; Director of Odyssey Beyond Wars, UW Odyssey Project

Christine Cina

Position title: Odyssey Navigator

Missy Clemens

Position title: Administrative Manager

Gwendolyn Coale

Position title: Odyssey Assistant Coordinator

Christina Demars

Position title: Program Coordinator, UW Odyssey Project

Karen Dreyfuss

Position title: Director, Odyssey Junior

Michael Exum

Position title: Success Coach - Odyssey Beyond Bars

Jennifer Fandel

Position title: Odyssey Beyond Bars Instructor & Tutor Coordinator

Michelle Galarowicz

Position title: Certified Professional Coach Program Specialist

Chariti Gent

Position title: Director of Professional Coach Education

Sage Goellner

Position title: Associate professor of French and continuing education

Jamie Henke

Position title: Distinguished Teaching Professor

Matthew T. Hora

Position title: Associate Professor

Baron Kelly

Position title: Professor, Theatre and Drama; Affiliate Faculty, LAAS

Taylor Kirby

Position title: Assistant Program Manager for Odyssey Beyond Bars

Sarah Lensmire

Position title: Odyssey Assistant Program & Development Manager

Adam Mackay

Position title: PEI Site Coordinator

Bryn Martyna

Position title: PEI Operations Director

Peter Moreno

Position title: Director, Odyssey Beyond Bars

Kevin Mullen

Position title: Assistant Professor, DCS; Director of Adult Education, UW Odyssey Project

Jenny Pressman

Position title: Director of Development & Community Partnerships

Megan Reading

Position title: Program Director HIV Outreach Project

Rachel Ritacco

Position title: Odyssey Beyond Bars Program Coordinator

Ben Shannon

Position title: Literacy Instructor, UW Odyssey Project

Tina Smith

Position title: HIV Outreach Project Program Coordinator

Roberta Wang

Position title: Senior Administrative Program Specialist