Liberal Arts & Applied Studies


Who We Are

Liberal Arts and Applied Studies is an academic department whose research focus serves and informs the teaching of adult learners. We provide education to adult learners, undertake scholarship on teaching and learning related to professional development and lifelong learning, and conduct outreach on issues of societal importance.

Our Faculty

Emily Auerbach (PhD, University of Washington)

Professor of English; director, Odyssey Project Research areas: Jane Austen, the public humanities |


Nidia Bañuelos (PhD, University of Chicago)

Research Associate, Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education

Research areas: history of for-profit higher education, college education for police officers |


Sage Goellner (PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Associate professor of French and continuing education; chair, Liberal Arts and Applied Studies

Research areas: Francophone literature, travel writing, adult language learning, online learning |


Matthew T. Hora (PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Assistant professor, adult and higher education; research scientist, WI Center for Education Research

Research areas: active learning, skills gaps, curriculum reform, internships |


Baron Kelly (PhD, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Professor, Theatre and Drama

Research areas: acting, African American actors |


Kevin Mullen (PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Assistant professor of continuing studies; co-director, Odyssey Project

Research areas: public humanities, multi-generational learning, literacy studies |