Integrated Marketing Communications


Who We Are

Our award-winning team of designers, writers, editors, researchers, web developers, project managers, and marketing strategists spreads the word about the learning opportunities Continuing Studies offers. We serve lifelong learners across the state and around the world, putting the Wisconsin Idea into action.

If you’ve heard of UW-Madison’s summer classes, online professional master’s programs, or other Continuing Studies offerings, you’ve probably seen our work.

Want to work with us?

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What We Do

We use data, creativity, and strategic thinking to generate interest in Continuing Studies courses, programs, and conferences. Our tools include:

  • Printed materials such as brochures, flyers, and catalogs
  • Ads for radio, television, and other types of media
  • Digital communications such as websites and email campaigns
  • Social media messaging on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more
  • Marketing plans, news releases, and blog posts

Who We Serve

We support all areas of Continuing Studies—and the learners they serve. Our work promotes these activities and many more:


Alejandra Perez

Marketing Projects Assistant

Amy Gunderson

Marketing Account Manager

Betsy Lambright

Digital Marketing Specialist

Buri Lor

Graphic Designer

Debra Schwabe

Digital Marketing Specialist

Emily Alff

Marketing Specialist

Greta Seckman

Digital Solutions Manager

Jessica Steinhoff

Associate University Relations Specialist

Jill Schaefer

Marketing Specialist

Kathy Harper

Online Degree Consultant

Katie Hoel

Marketing Account Manager

Katie Nelson

Marketing & Recruitment Copywriter

Kerrie Osborne

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lisa Bauer

Marketing Content Specialist

MJ Hecox

Interim Assistant Director

Nancy Koberle

Senior Artist

Sarah Perkins

Direct Marketing Specialist

Sheila Olig

Production Manager

Stanley Sallay

Graphic Designer

Tania Widish

Marketing Account Manager

Tori Dexter

Advertising and Promotions Specialist

Whitney Jacobson

Marketing Account Manager

Yuly Osorio

Marketing Account Manager