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Improve your Spanish online, in as little as six months

Flexible online classes from the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Earn your Business Spanish Certificate.

The Business Spanish Certificate program helps you dramatically improve your professional proficiency in Spanish and gain the intercultural knowledge you need to do business in Spain and Latin America — all in as little as six months.

Working online, gain the practical skills you need in Spanish to:

  • Communicate professionally via email, telephone, video conferencing and in person
  • Use proper business etiquette and correct forms of address
  • Understand the economies and workplaces of Spain and Latin America
  • Search for a job, prepare for an interview and build relationships with potential partners

Created for working professionals with intermediate to advanced levels of Spanish, this affordable program provides flexible online delivery from a top-ranked university.

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Feeling like your Spanish is rusty? Brush up and take your Spanish to a whole new level with these online courses.

Spanish Writing: Brush Up the Basics
Learn to eliminate common errors and grow your command of basic Spanish language skills such as written accent marks, articles, gender, word order and tricky verb conjugations. Receive personal feedback on five essays and grow your vocabulary. Prerequisite: Spanish 2 or previous study of present tenses in Spanish.

Spanish Writing: Brush Up Past Tenses
Take your command of Spanish to the next level. Brush up on those tricky past tenses, object pronouns and the subjunctive while learning to compose a well-written narrative. Receive personal feedback on five writing assignments. Prerequsite: Spanish 5 or previous study of the past tenses and the subjunctive.