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Education planning

Explore your education options

If you are thinking about returning to school (regardless of what school), but aren’t sure where to start, staff at Adult Career and Special Student Services can help. You can schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor, participate in one or more of our workshops and/or utilize our online resources.

Education Planning

Talk with an advisor about returning to school.

Financing your Education

We know that the cost of tuition is an important factor in your decision to return to school. There are resources available to help you determine how to finance your education. It will take time and effort, but we recommend you invest the time to explore all the options.

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Badger Ready gives adult students a pathway to a UW–Madison degree

Adult students who left college can prove their academic abilities in the new University of Wisconsin–Madison program.


What: Individual appointments, workshops and resources for adults interested in continuing their education.

Who: Offered by highly qualified education advisors.

Where/when: Through the year in Madison — workshops as well as individual appointments.

Questions? Email advising@dcs.wisc.edu or call 608‑263-6960.