Badger Precollege

Who We Are

Badger Precollege provides academic precollege programs for elementary, middle and high school students to explore the UW–Madison campus while pursuing their interests in the fields of music, art, STEM, recreation and more. We introduce students to the college environment and promote lifelong learning by offering programming to students throughout their K-12 experience. In addition to being immersed in the college experience, our students benefit from interacting with UW–Madison’s outstanding facilities, resources and faculty. As an integral part of our mission, we strive to bring underrepresented students to campus through scholarship opportunities, partner organizations and culturally aware curricula.

What We Do

  • Facilitate immersion into the Badger experience
  • Run residential and commuter academic precollege programs
  • Prepare students for the college admissions process
  • Provide scholarship opportunities for students with financial need
  • Community engagement
  • Precollege outreach fairs
  • Design precollege programs and opportunities