Adult Career and Special Student Services

Who We Are

ACSSS is your gateway to the vast resources at UW-Madison. We offer programs and services for returning adult and nontraditional students, University Special students, and adults considering a career change. We are also the front door to the Division of Continuing Studies. Whether you’re beginning a new educational or career journey, or just need an answer to a question, we are here to help you confirm your next step.

Who We Serve

ACSSS serves more than 10,000 people each year, offering comprehensive assistance for returning adult and nontraditional degree students, help with career transition, and outreach to employers.
It is the admissions, advising, and academic dean’s office for 4500 University Special students.
The office greets over 1200 DCS visitors each year and help them find the right person to serve them.

Contact Us

Adult Career and Special Student Services
21 N. Park Street, Suite 7101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
608-265-2901 (fax)
608-262-1156 (for questions about noncredit classes)

From our Blog

Nothing will keep these returning adult students from reaching their goals

by Dean Robbins, May 2, 2017

They struggle to study while raising kids, holding down full-time jobs, or adjusting to a new culture and language.

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Ace Hilliard

Student Services Coordinator

Anna Seidel-Quast

Visiting International Student Program (VISP) Coordinator

Anne Niendorf

Student Enrollment Coordinator

April McHugh

Career and Educational Counselor

Autumn Sanchez

Student Services Coordinator

Beth Paradisin

Student Services Coordinator

Christine Inthachith

Director, International Noncredit programs

Darren Martin

Enrollment Coach Recruiter

Elizabeth Schrimpf

Career and Educational Counselor

Emma Lee Davis

Program Assistant Supervisor

Haley Zielinski

Student Services Associate

Heather Blewett

Recruitment Campaign Manager

Jean Starobin

Online Learning Consultant

Josh Juedes

International Program Director

Karen Ripley

Information Specialist

Leanne Johnson

Student Services Coordinator

Leslie Gardner

Student Cloud Manager

Martin Rouse

Assistant Dean and Director

Matthew Greenberg

Student Services Coordinator

Mee Her

Student Services Coordinator

Moira Kelley

Career and Educational Counselor

Monique Lu

Program Coordinator

Patrick Walsh

Enrollment Coach

Ronja Zweifel

Admissions Support Associate

Sara Bembenek-Saborio

Program Coordinator / ESL Instructor

Sara Kluender

Director of Recruitment Strategies

Sarah Stilp

Assistant Dean, Admissions & Student Services

Sybil Pressprich

Career Services Director

Zachary Benson

Enrollment Coach Recruiter

Zufang Shan

Student Services Coordinator