Giving Opportunities

Your generous gift to Continuing Studies helps provide the resources necessary to keep the Wisconsin Idea alive and thriving

Continuing Studies supports the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea by providing access to educational resources to nontraditional students, lifelong learners, and the community. Under the leadership of the Vice Provost for Lifelong Learning and Dean of Continuing Studies, the Division provides continuing education programming and collaborates with other continuing education units that are decentralized across the campus.

Continuing Studies has several goals and needs that can only be met through private contributions. Many gift and naming opportunities have been identified. For details about a specific giving opportunity, click on the links below. Your generous gift to Continuing Studies helps provide the resources necessary to keep the Wisconsin Idea alive and thriving.

Please consider donating online to one of our targeted giving opportunity funds

Annual Fund»

Adult and Nontraditional Student Scholarships Fund»

Noncredit Programming: Arts & Humanities Fund»

Noncredit Programming: Professional Development Fund»

Massive Open Online Courses»

The Odyssey Project College Fund»

For more information, contact Julie Klein, Division of Continuing Studies, at 608-262-5699 or

Annual Fund

Make the largest impact with your gift by giving to the Continuing Studies’ Annual Fund. This fund provides an annual source of support to meet the most immediate needs of the division in providing a breadth of educational programs for the community. Your donation will be leveraged by additional resources and targeted to work on the division’s strategic priorities.

Adult and Nontraditional Student Scholarships

The Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) office within Continuing Studies has been instrumental in opening doors to many thousands of adult learners through Wisconsin, the nation, and the globe. ACSSS staff provide adults with an extensive array of services, unusual for a single office: career counseling, workshops and group programs, academic advising, admissions to the university, financial assistance, and updated online resources and assistance. ACSSS is proud to distribute more than $70,000 in financial support to returning adult students, single parents, and other nontraditional students.

Please consider making a gift to the Adult Student Scholarship Fund, which provides financial support to returning adult students working toward degree completion. Contributions to this fund will be applied to the areas of greatest need.

For more information on other named scholarships for adult and nontraditional students, visit»

Noncredit Programming

The programming units within Continuing Studies exemplify the Wisconsin Idea by providing and supporting high-quality continuing education, outreach, service, and scholarship related to arts and humanities as well as professional development.

Continuing Studies provides workshops, classes, conferences, and noncredit certificates for lifelong learners. These funds provide both programmatic support to our noncredit continuing education programs and scholarships to support learners for whom the registration fees are a significant barrier.

Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities programs enable people to explore new interests, develop skills, and enrich their lives. Continuing Studies offers lifelong learners nearly 400 learning opportunities each year. Students of all ages enjoy unique learning experiences year-round through Madison-area classes, online learning, festivals and conferences, educational travel, and more. To support the Arts and Humanities please consider making a gift to one of our Arts & Humanities programs.

Professional Development

Continuing education is one of the best tools we have for recharging our batteries...for growing as professionals and citizens in a changing world. Through professional development programs, Continuing Studies connects you with leaders in a range of fields. The division offers classes, certificates, national conferences, and consultations. All of the professional development programs qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and many courses are approved for specific certification or licensure renewal credits. Please consider supporting one of our Professional Development programs.

Massive Open Online Courses

This fund supports the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s 6 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and related community engagement efforts. The 6 MOOCs examine questions of human choices and challenges, and incorporate shared themes of sustainability and the environment. Through partnerships with communities and organizations around WI, MOOCs are one way to inspire critical thinking, reach out to citizens across our state and around the world interested in lifelong learning, and encourage conversations about the connections, challenges, and tradeoffs that characterize our relationships to the natural world, our communities, and to one another.

The Odyssey Project College Fund

The UW Odyssey Project changes lives for adults at the poverty level. Founded in 2003, this inspirational project has empowered more than 300 low-income adults to find their voices and get a jumpstart at earning college degrees they never thought possible. Graduates of the program have journeyed from homelessness to UW-Madison degrees, from incarceration to meaningful work in the community. To help Odyssey students and graduates with tuition, textbooks, and other educational expenses not covered by scholarships, please consider making a gift to the Odyssey Project College Fund or help sponsor an Odyssey student for 2015-2016 at $4,200 per student (tuition, textbooks, childcare, etc.). For more information on the UW Odyssey Project, visit»

For questions about ways you can contribute money and time to the Odyssey Project, please contact Emily Auerbach at or 608-262-3733.