Guidelines and call for submissions

Midwest Prairie Review Submission Guidelines for 2016 (2015 submissions closed)

Call for prose, script, poetry, photography, and art

The Midwest Prairie Review Journal will be accepting submissions for the 2016 issue between the following dates:

June 2015 to September 2015 (exact dates to be determined)

Who is eligible to submit  material?

  • A writer or artist born and raised and continuing to live in the Madison  area.
  • A writer or artist born and raised and continuing to live in Wisconsin.
  • A writer or artist born and raised and living in any of Wisconsin's neighboring states.
  • A writer or artist born and raised in Madison or Wisconsin and now living elsewhere.
  • A writer or artist born and raised elsewhere and now living in Madison or Wisconsin.
  • A writer or artist  who is not a native of Wisconsin or neighboring states and admires the Midwest  Prairielands and the energy that lives here.
  • A writer or artist who has visited Madison and/or Wisconsin and/or her neighboring states and finds inspiration here.

In other  words, any writer or artist that wishes to celebrate  the imagination, energy, and human spirit of the Midwest Prairielands. We want to hear from you.

Published annually, the Midwest Prairie Review Journal considers unsolicited materials from June through September each year. In general, we are looking for thoughtful and thought-provoking written and visual art that interprets and redefines notions of living, working, and writing within the Midwestern heartland.

We are accepting only new work. Pre-published material will not be included in this new volume of Midwest Prairie Review.

Genre considerations: We accept poetry, creative nonfiction, scriptwriting, short stories, and visual art. Poets may submit between 1-5 poems for consideration per submission. Writers of nonfiction, fiction, and screenplays may submit up to 15 double-spaced pages. Excerpts from longer monographs are acceptable, provided they stand alone as an independent work. If applicable, citations should appear in MLA or Chicago Manual of Style format. Midwest Prairie Review displays artwork in both color and black and white. Visual artists may submit up to 5 images of their work for consideration per submission. We are willing to consider submissions from two categories (e.g., poetry and short fiction; creative nonfiction and visual art) simultaneously. Please wait until the next review cycle to send additional materials.

Submitting your manuscript/scripts/essays: Manuscripts, scripts, and essays will be accepted via U.S. mail and/or ground delivery along with a $10 submission fee.  Please make your check or money order out to “UW-Madison” and send your check and pages along with the following information on the back of the pages:

  • Name of short story/essay
  • Genre
  • Your name
  • Your email address

The address is listed below. All short stories and essays should be double-spaced and in a Times New Roman 12-point font or equivalent. We prefer paperclips to staples on paper drafts. We will not return any submissions. Please note that we will not be able to inform you that we’ve received your material. Your cashed check will be your notice that your material has been received. (Please understand that the editing of this journal is a passion project for our small staff and we would like to respond to all of you, but at this point we do not have the manpower – or the time).

Submitting poetry: 1 to 5 pieces of poetry will be accepted per author. If you submit 1 poem or 5 poems the submission fee is $10.00.  Please follow the same procedures for submitting manuscripts, scripts and essays posted above.

Submitting your art: We accept images that can be clustered as part of a series or that can stand alone as individual images.  The editorial staff reserves the right to decide if images will appear in color or black and white, and as cover images or within the journal. Please submit your images as camera-ready JPEG files that are readable in any computer. Please submit your images digitally to Laura Kahl at  Please also mail your entry fee of $10.00 per submission made out to “UW-Madison” to the address listed below.  Images may be sent on a CD or by email. You will know that we have received your submission when your check is cashed. We will not return any submissions.

If you are submitting visual art that accompanies specific written material, please inform us of the correct paring of the items.

Please title your visual art.  The title “Untitled” causes confusion within the review board when the selection process takes place due to the fact that the editorial staff selects material anonymously.  If at all possible, please provide a title for each of your visual art submissions-it will make the deliberation discussion much easier.

Please note: If you are submitting written or visual material for another individual, please make that distinction clear and provide both your contact email information and the writer’s contact email information.

Deliberations: The editorial staff of Midwest Prairie Review is dedicated to producing a high-quality, thematically coherent journal. It may take, therefore, until mid-February 2016 for you to receive a response regarding your submissions. Please do not contact us until that time has elapsed. Contributors to the 2016 issue will be announced via an email mid-to-late February 2016. If you have not been contacted by our offices before that email, then your submission was not chosen for the 2016 issue. We will consider simultaneous submissions; however, we ask that you notify us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere. Published writers and artists will receive a copy of the issue in which their work appears as remuneration.

Midwest Prairie Review does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any unsolicited manuscript or visual image.

Send all correspondence to:
Midwest Prairie Review
Laurie Scheer, Managing Editor
UW Madison Continuing Studies Writing Department
21 North Park Street, Rm. 7312
Madison, WI 53715

The 2015 journal will premiere at the 26th annual Writers’ Institute March 27-29, 2015.

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