Workplace Coaching Certificate – Curriculum

Workplace Coaching Certificate Curriculum, beginning Fall 2018

You begin and complete the program with a cohort of managers, supervisors, and other leaders focused on improving employee performance and achieving better results. The six-day intensive training (structured in two modules) will provide ample opportunity to put your newly learned coaching skills into practice, both in the classroom and in your organization. Receive feedback from credentialed professional coaches to hone your coaching skills and master effective workplace coaching principles.

Module 1

Foundation and Mission

Overview: In Module 1, we begin with teaching the three core competencies needed to lay a strong foundation for your coaching relationships. We explore tools that will help you sharpen your understanding of yourself and coaching. You acquire skills that will allow you to begin coaching your staff and team more effectively.

We will also focus on the mission of coaching, which is to create awareness. Going deeper into the core competencies, we explore the skills of active listening and powerful questioning that support the coaching mission to create awareness.

When: W-F, Sep 19-21, 2018 (8:30am-4pm)

Module 2


Overview: In this module, we focus on the core competencies that support your employee getting into action and managing their progress. We bring together the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you’ve learned over the past month and show you how to integrate them into your workplace.

When: W-F, Oct 24-26, 2018 (8:30am-4pm)

Workplace Coaching Certificate Pre-Program Requirements:

  • Optional preparation: Read the book Co-Active Coaching: Changing Business Transforming Lives (3rd, ed) by Kimsey-House, Kimsey-House, and Sandahl.