Aerial view of Bascom Hall

Welcome to DCS!

Rich history, vibrant future

More than 100 years ago, the University of Wisconsin pioneered the concept of continuing education. The UW–Madison Division of Continuing Studies proudly upholds that tradition by:

  • creating access for those traditionally overlooked by universities,
  • helping students flourish at all ages and stages and
  • offering education that helps people succeed in their jobs and careers.

Continuing Studies supports lifelong learners through innovative programs that tap into the latest technologies, ideas and trends. We incubate initiatives to support campus priorities and growth goals. These trailblazing programs – from the Visiting International Student Program to the Prison Education Initiative – help learners infuse their families and communities with vitality, allowing us to champion the Wisconsin Idea.

Enjoy this tour of our programs, offices, outcomes and our pride and joy: the diverse population of nontraditional learners at UW–Madison.


We offer educational access to a growing population of nontraditional learners.

Behind Bars program meeting


We help learners and staff flourish, no matter where they are on their lifelong learning journey.

A teacher teaching a student how to play the guitar


We support people in the workforce and employers across the state – and beyond – with vital tools and knowledge.

Kilmer, a student, giving a graduation speech

Points of pride

Prospective learners engaged through email and (campus’s first) text outreach efforts in FY23
The year the University of Wisconsin offered its first correspondence courses.
Stories shared through articles and blogs across all programs
Website users across 9 domains since 2014