Virginia Rose

  Virginia Rose
  349 Kensington Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
United States
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  (608) 640-8339
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  I am a friend of Liese Pfiefer, former Director of the Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP). In previous years I have taught mini-courses in handcolored photography at the University of Wisconsin, Edgewood College, and Madison Area Technical College. I am a lifelong learner, bringing box camera photography into the digital age.
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Artist's Statement
  Upon embarking on a year of study in Peru in 1968 I purchased a secondhand Yashica twin-lens reflex camera and began my journey through the arts, eventually touching them all – visual art, music, theatre, performance art, dance, writing, and the most precious art of all, the art of relationship.

When I returned from Peru I quickly became enamored of the process of handcoloring. My original black-and-white photographs were handcolored using transparent oil-based pencils and paint on matte surface photographic paper. Photography has afforded me the opportunity to merge my passion for color, light, texture, fashion, and design as tools to tell stories. But I was always intrigued by the notion of marrying photography and painting via the canvas.

Now, more than 40 years later, I find myself engulfed in the digital age. I have used this opportunity to reproduce some of my handcolored photographs on canvas and aluminum, giving them new life and bringing them to a new audience of viewers. The work in this show embodies the transition between the past and the future.

I seek to demystify the artistic process, which so often is steeped in idiosyncratic wonder, thereby relegating those who are not ostensibly creative to the sidelines. When we recognize that we are the creators of our lives, artists with the universe as our palette, we can tap into the potential of who we really are.
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Since 1966 I have maintained a strong connection to the University of Wisconsin, returning as an adult student to obtain a Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction. In between the years of obtaining my degrees, I taught mini-courses in handcolored photography at UW.

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