UWCPL Seminars

Successful leadership in project management is an ongoing process of learning

Our first conference was held in Chicago in November 2012 and drew an audience of senior managers from both the private and public sectors. This conference was quickly followed by another, this time in Madison, WI in April 2013. We have immediate plans for 3-4 more conferences in the near future and will have schedules and details coming soon.

The man that inspired the UWCPL

In Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management, Dr. Alexander Laufer demonstrates how to lead even complex projects through chaos and change to remarkable results.

Transform your project managers into project leaders delivering remarkable results

We realize bold steps and new ideas are needed—to educate, empower, and encourage managers to embrace novel methods to project success. 

Our essential 1-day conferences—designed specifically for executive-level leaders—showcase the best-of-the-best practices to ‘unlearn’ outdated concepts, and provides a framework to solve even the toughest challenges in the 21st century workplace. 

Discover vital leadership principles crucial to successful project leadership regardless of industry, project goals, or stakeholders.

These conferences will provide an exclusive environment to gain significant new and inspiring insights.


Below are links to presentations from the inaugural event of the UW Consortium for Project Leadership, held in November 2012. Featured are Drs. Laufer and Russell, plus 5 more dynamic and thought-provoking speakers from the Department of Defense, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, NASA, General Electric, and the Lean Construction Institute.

Dr. Edward Hoffman

Dr. Edward Hoffman, NASA  •  “Developing Knowledge for Project Leaders”  •  Presentation»  •  NASA iBook Orbital Debris Management and Risk Mitigation»  •  Interview with Dr. Hoffman about iBook»

Gregory Howell

Gregory Howell, Lean Construction Institute  •  “Calming the Ocean: Leadership at the Edge of Chaos”  •  Presentation»

Dr. Alex Laufer

Dr. Alex Laufer  •  “The Role of the Project Leader”  •  Presentation»

Terry Little

Terry Little, Department of Defense  •  “About Successful Project Leaders: The Difference Between Winning and Not Losing”  •  Presentation»

Dr. Linda Procci

Dr. Linda Procci, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center  •  “Successful Project Management with No Line Authority and Negative Economic Benefits”  •  Presentation»

Steve Roehm

Steve Roehm, GE  •  “Putting the Leadership Back into Project Leadership”  •  Presentation»

Dr. Jeffrey Russell

Dr. Jeffrey Russell  •  “Developing Project Leaders”  •  Presentation»

For more info about the UWCPL’s events, meetings, and resources, email uwcpl@dcs.wisc.edu or call 608-262-2576.