It all started with the ground-breaking book

Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management presents a start-to-finish framework for managing projects of all sizes—even the largest and most challenging projects.

The book that inspired the UWCPL

In Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management, Dr. Alexander Laufer demonstrates how to lead even complex projects through chaos and change to remarkable results.

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Chapter 1: “Developing a Missile: The Power of Autonomy and Learning”

Epilogue: “Practices for Project Leadership”

Practices that Deliver Remarkable Results

Book cover

World-renowned expert in project management, Alexander Laufer, demonstrates both how to become a great project leader and how to lead your teams in applying the specific project practices that impact success.

This book will help you unlearn widespread project management assumptions that prevent success instead of promoting it.

Laufer and his extraordinary team of contributors focus on take-home practices you can use right away, whether you’re planning a new project or revitalizing a project that’s already in trouble.

Through 8 remarkable case studies, the world's best project leaders show how to:

  • Master the power of autonomy and learning
  • Manage creativity though action
  • Soar higher by combining spirit and systems
  • Deliver on bold ideas through meticulous preparation and quick response
  • Accomplish unpleasant tasks by developing a culture of trust and responsibility
  • Successfully execute multiple interrelated projects by leaning upward
  • Shape culture by exploiting location
  • Accelerate delivery by "splitting" and "harmonizing"

Additional sources of knowledge

What Successful Project Managers Do, MIT/Sloan Management Review – Spring 2015

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