Adult Career and Special Student Services

Education and career planning made easier.

Adult Career and Special Student Services offers information about programs and services for nontraditional and University Special students, as well as local adults considering a career change.

Our office can assist you with the student application and enrollment processes, educational workshops and additional services for adult students.

Through individual appointments, assessments, and career workshops, our staff can help you discover a path to more meaningful and satisfying career.

Below are just a few of the services and resources we offer to to students. Please visit Adult Career and Special Student Services to learn more.

Academic Advising

Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) is the advising and academic dean’s office for University Special students and Guest auditors.

Advisors can assist you with:

  • Determining which University Special student status best fits your needs
  • Enrollment questions
  • Connecting with other departments and offices on campus
  • University policies and procedures (e.g. add, drop, and withdrawal process)

Learn more about ACSSS advising.

Education and Career Planning

If you're confused about your career direction, considering a career change, or still don't know what you want to be when you grow up, Continuing Studies can help. Education and career planning resources available through Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) include individual career counseling appointments, formal and informal career planning assessments, a career and education resource library, and a variety of career planning workshops.

Financial assistance

If you’re a returning adult student with a significant break in your education, Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) can guide you in finding financial assistance.

Community Outreach

Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) advisors frequently visit local public libraries, neighborhood centers, and festivals. This provides adults in Madison or surrounding areas the opportunity to get information about career and educational planning, including individual advising, admission to educational institutions, financial assistance, child care, and other adult student concerns. Visit the ACSSS Community Outreach page for the calendar.

Job search resources

Whether you're trying to find a job, or looking for a better one, Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) supports your efforts through services and resources.

Our Job Search Support Group is a counselor-facilitated group designed to provide unemployed (and underemployed) professionals with resources, new ideas, and a place to meet others looking for better employment. ACSSS also has a number of books, handouts, and directories available for in-house use by job seekers at our offices located at 21 N Park Street, 7th floor.  There is also have a computer available for limited use by clients.