Emma Lee Davis

Position title: Enrollment Coach

Email: emmalee.davis@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-469-2010

Emma Lee

Emma Lee Davis is excited to return to DCS after a few months off figuring out how to be a mom! Previously, Emma held the role of Administrative Manager for the ACSSS team, helping with a variety of financial and organizational tasks. She is thrilled to continue working with the ACSSS team in her new role as an enrollment coach for Professional Degrees and Certificates. Emma has a background in education as a former middle school language arts teacher, and she is most passionate about helping students from all backgrounds find the right educational pathway for them – and then the tools and map to navigate that pathway. In her limited free time, Emma loves to be outside on her bike or going for runs in any kind of weather. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing YA fiction (no, she has not been published….yet), meditation, hiking, and cooking delicious meals for her housemates, family, and friends.