Summer Music Clinic 2015    

Contact: Elizabeth Snodgrass
Phone: 608-263-2242
21 N. Park St., Rm 7359
455 N. Park St Madison WI 53715

         band practice  

Senior Session—How to Apply

Apply online or mail in an application form. Online links and a printable application form (.pdf) will be available here later this year.

  “I love this camp. I learn so much
and I have a blast doing so.
Everyone here is so friendly
and loves music.
This camp makes me feel like
I have one big humongous family.
I’ve come here for 3 years and
I plan to attend a few more.

“I was pleasantly surprised with
the variety and quality of the extracurricular activities.”

“I love, love, love this camp.”

“This camp definitely has a lot more options that other camps I’ve been to.
It was a great experience.”
  UW-Madison Crest