Summer Music Clinic 2015    

Contact: Elizabeth Snodgrass
Phone: 608-263-2242
21 N. Park St., Rm 7359
455 N. Park St Madison WI 53715

         percussion players  

Junior Session—
Class Descriptions from 2017

Junior Session—Class Descriptions for 2018 will be available here later this year.

Band, Orchestra or Choir—Attend rehearsals with other young musicians. Final performance for family and friends is on Sat, June 23, 8:30am–12:30pm.

Sectionals—Polish music rehearsed in the major concert ensembles in smaller groups of similar instruments or voices.

Instrument or Voice Group Lessons—Performers who are specialists in voice or on specific instruments give practical advice on technique, tone, warmups, and style.

Choir Students: Sightsinging or Rhythms—Singers may choose a class in either sightsinging for interval recognition or rhythm skills.

Band and Orchestra Students: Choir for Instrumentalists or 20th Century Music—Sing in a choir or take a listening course on 20th Century Music.

Arts in Performance—Attend daytime concerts with a variety of performers in the arts from music to theater to dance.

Class Choice—See application form for listing of options.



  "This is a magnificent program.
I can’t wait until next summer."

"I am so coming back next year."

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