Summer Music Clinic 2017    

Contact: Elizabeth Snodgrass
Phone: 608-263-2242
21 N. Park St., Rm 7359
455 N. Park St Madison WI 53715

        counselors welcome students  

Residence Hall Living and Supervision

All Junior or Senior Session residential students are required to live in UW-Madison's Ogg Hall throughout the week.

College-age counselors supervise the Summer Music Clinic participants in the residence hall and help design the daily recreation activities.

Health staff members stay in the dorms, with additional medical attention provided through the University Health services clinic as necessary. Campers are encouraged to have their own health insurance where possible, as UW-Madison is only able to provide limited accident insurance.

Students are paired by grade for dorm assignments. Campers develop new friends as a natural extension of the Music Clinic residential and learning experience. Caring counselors and daily floor meetings make this an easier process. If a camper has a request for a specific roommate, please include this on your application. Both roommates must make this request and both requests must be received by the application deadline to honor your preference.


Commuter Option for Junior Session Music Clinic

Rehearsals and classes begin at 8 am and finish by 4:30 pm. The commuter fee includes tuition, lunch, and a camp T-shirt.


Ogg Residence Hall Living

Residential Music Clinic students will be living in Ogg Hall, the newest residence hall located at 835 West Dayton Street.

Sleeping Accommodations and Amenities:

  • Twin/single beds include bed linens, pillows and blankets.

  • All rooms are air-conditioned and have a small refrigerator, television and clock radio.

  • Phone calls can be placed by using the lobby phone, with long distance calls being made with a pre-paid calling card or credit card (800 or 866 prefix) or by making collect calls.

  • Floor lounges provide large televisions, wireless Internet access and comfortable seating to relax and socialize. Computers are available for use on the first floor with the program's supervision.

  • Laundry facilities, vending and ice machines are provided on the first floor.

  • All facility areas are smoke-free, including guest rooms.

  • No parking is available at the halls. Please refer to your program registration materials for information regarding parking arrangements.


Each bathroom provides a private shower and changing area and serves four guest rooms located immediately adjacent. Men and women will be assigned to separate wings within the hall.

Desk Services:

Students receiving calls should instruct family and friends to call the program office at 608-263-2242 or the Ogg Hall desk at 608-262-6899. Messages will be placed in mailboxes near the hall desk. Laundry soap, postage stamps and other items are for sale at the desk. Ice machines are located on the first floor. For more information about hall policies and services, please visit


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  "I was a little worried at first and didn’t
really want to stay, but my
fabulous counselors convinced
me to stay, and I had an
amazingly fantastic time.
It was wonderful."

"The counselors were awesome!
They really wanted us to have a great
time and to get to know us.
Every counselor was open for
conversation when we needed
someone to talk to."

"Counselors were awesome.
Not too bossy and they really made
me feel better one day just by
knowing they were there."

residence cafeteria
  UW-Madison Crest