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About PLATO Courses

PLATO courses are developed and led by  PLATO members.  The course leaders or "coordinators" are PLATO members who have a passion for the subject and want to share it with others.  Course formats vary.  Most courses take the form of discussion groups.  Some discussion groups require intensive preparation and participation.  In other discussion groups participation is not required, but may be encouraged.  Other courses are lecture style with little participation expected.  The course schedule indicates the degree of expected participation.

PLATO classes are offered in two semesters.  Fall semester classes begin the last full week in September and Spring semester classes begin the last full  week in February.  Courses run for ten consecutive weeks.   Some course dates vary so check the events calendar for the exact start dates.  Courses are conveniently located at a number of community centers throughout the Madison area.  You can attend as many courses as you can fit into your schedule.

The week prior to each semester there is a Preview session.  Course coordinators present a brief description of their offerings.  This gives you the opportunity to meet the course coordinators, ask questions, and sign up for courses. 

If you are not a PLATO member, you can attend a course on a trial basis before joining.  We ask that you decide whether to join after one or two attendances.

If you miss the Preview session, want to join after a course has started, or have any questions about a course, feel free to contact the course coordinator.  Coordinator names, phone numbers, and email addresses are shown on the course schedule.

We are always looking for new course offerings.  If you have an idea for a course you would like to develop, complete a course proposal form and submit it to the chair of the Curriculum Committee.